Dream Away With Me

-"Its time that you make your own way in the world Audrey Henderson." my mom expresses to me on FaceTime. I sigh and agree with her.

Audrey Henderson and her friend Lily Arthur moves to London to achieve their dreams. Audrey meets up with an old friend; Zayn Malik. When reality hits you, it hits hard.


1. Hello London.

audrey's pov;    

      "Ok, ok. Mom! Don't worry! We'll call you when we arrive!" I repeat to my mom, trying to escape her tight bear hug. She grabs onto my shoulders, "I just don't want you to grow up so fast Audrey.. Your only 17. And if you ever give up on your crazy dream about being an author, you know what to do." My mom looks into my eyes and sighs.  I look over at my friend, Lily who is crying and hugging her parents goodbye. "Come back home?" I ask my mom with a smile. "Yes.. but also you can also take medical courses at the universities in London!" mom says with a cheeky smile. I just rolled my eyes, "Mom, you know I'm taking art & literature!". She just nods slightly with agreement.     

     We are leaving Bristol and heading down to London where I can meet up with an old family friend- Zayn Malik. Well, we are also going to move in an apartment somewhere in London so I can become a writer and where Lily can fulfill her dream of being a professional pianist. The apartment that we got used to be my Aunt's but she is moving to America, so she sold it to us.   

     Lily comes over to my mom and I, "Hey Aud, the train's almost here." she points out behind me. I spin behind me and the wind of the train gushes through my hair, to make it fly. The train stops immediately and opens it doors for the passengers. Only a few adults enter first, then Lily and I entered. When I sit down, I look out the window and I wave goodbye to my mom again, she waves back with teary eyes. The train starts to move farther and farther until my mom's figure has disappeared. I turn to Lily, "Our parents acts if this is our last goodbye. I mean we will be coming back for Christmas time." she smiles and nods.     

     It was a pretty long drive to London, but it was worth it. Lily and I started to make plans about where to go, where to eat, and what things we will do while living in London. "Ladies and Gentlemen, We are now arriving at the Moorgate railway." the voice says. The train starts to slow down and we both gather our luggages and coats ready to leave. I look out the window and see 5 boys and a girl sitting on the bench. One with black tall hair, next to him is a boy with some major curls, there was one with platinum blonde hair, another one was dressed in a striped shirt, and the last one had a real buzz cut, and the girl had bright purple hair. 

zayn's pov;      

      I actually don't remember how Audrey looks like, at all. I was quite scared to be greeting the wrong person. It was such a while back that, i'm scared if she doesn't even recognize me. Wait, no. I'm a celebrity, of course she would know how I look. The boys and I are always on the media. I am pretty sure that the last time we saw each other was a couple years ago, when her mom was getting re-married. I see the train from afar slow down and quickly stopped; it made a huge screeching sound that my ears fell off. The doors swiftly swung open.  

     All the boys and Perrie stand up heading near the train to find Audrey and her friend. "Wait, how does she look like Zayn?" Harry questioned me. I shrugged my shoulders, "Just yell her name I guess?". "Great, we are looking for someone that we don't know.." Niall mumbles to himself. All the people started to exit the train, it was like going through a crazy mob. Ow! Someone's luggage ran over my toes. -That bitch.    

     "Audrey! Audrey!" We all call out. "Audrey! Come out, come out where ever you are!" Louis yelled, I gave him a glare. You can see Harry going on his tippy-toes looking for the girls. It felt like a bucket-load of people coming out. Gosh, where are they. audrey's pov;            

         Oh god. Too many people. I feel like the exit door is getting farther and smaller. I can't handle this. Not enough of space.       

         Next thing you know, its all black. 

harry's pov;    

      I hear a girl saying, "Audrey! Hey wake up! Audrey!". I walk over to the girl, and she is talking to an unconscious girl laying on the trains floor. Im guessing thats Audrey. I bend down lower to talk to the girl, "Is this Audrey?" I ask her. "Yea, but what does it matt-" she looks up and cuts her sentence. "So, what happened to her?"     

      "She is claustrophobic, and I am guessing she got overwhelmed by so much people that you know." she says. "I'm Lily!" the girl smiles, "Harry." I gave her nice grin. I carry Audrey out of the train, while Lily grabs her luggage. "Whoa! What happened Styles?" Liam asked. "She fainted." Lily tells him. Lily introduces herself to the boys and Perrie. "Louis is coming down with the car outside, by any minute." Perrie informs us. We all walk out and wait Louis.

  niall's pov;      

       I still don't know where we are going or why there is a girl sleeping in the back. Lily tells Louis which way to go to their apartment, it was a pretty long and awkward drive there. Louis turns up the radio to break the silence. We soon get to their place, Zayn carries out the girl and into their apartment. We all follow them inside. Nice place. They got the apartment on the very top, it was still around afternoon; but when it was at night! Just imagine the view! I head towards their kitchen to see if they have food. I don't know why I feel hungry.  

audrey's pov;      

        I feel myself drop on a bed and I wake-up. I scream and threw a pillow at the person on the end of bed. "Hey!" a voice says. I crawl at the end of the bed and see Zayn Malik on the floor. I gasp and help him up, "I am so sorry!" i say while laughing. "Its alright." he says getting up on his own. "Oh my god! Where is Lily! Lily!" I scream out, Zayn holds me back. "Don't worry she is outside unpacking." I sigh with relief, "So how was tour Zayn?" I am curious what touring is like, I just hope Lily gets to tour with her talent and show people how good she is."It was actually really crazy, I mean besides the singing. The fans are really loud!" He tells me while laughing.      

     We soon hear a knock at door, Perrie peeps her head in the room. She smiles and walks to Zayn. "Hey, I'm planning to go to starbucks, do you guys want anything?" She asks us. Zayn and I tell her our order, "Do you mind if I come?" I ask her. "Of course!" she exclaims. Lily soon comes interrupting us, "Don't forget mee!" she whines like a little girl. We all laugh and head out the door. When we leave the bedroom we see that the other boys had left us, the girls exit the building and Zayn goes the opposite way.


harry's pov;      

      I had no idea that Audrey and Lily were living right next to me in the same building. Niall, Lou, Liam and I headed to my apartment after we got the girls safely home. Zayn stayed back with Audrey, I'm guessing to catch up. Lily was a really fit girl, but Audrey was completely stunning. She looked so cute when she was asleep.     

     The boys and I were just chilling and watching some irrelevant shows, until we heard some knocking on the door. I get up from the couch and open it up.     

     "Vas Happenin'?" Zayn says opening his arms wide with a big grin. He walks in plops down on the floor watching tv from there. "So, Zayn." I ask him. He looks at me, "Huh?" he says lazily. "About that girl Audrey.." he sits up off the floor, "Do you know if she is seeing anyone right now?" I request. He shrugs his shoulders, "I doubt that" Zayn tells me.


lily's pov;        

      "Great, Lou left us. Is it fine if we all just walk there?" Perrie questions Aud and I. Audrey and I simultaneously said, "Yea sure!". I got to admit, we know each other so well that sometimes we can read each others mind or like speak at the same time.   We ask a random person off the street to ask which is the quickest way to Starbucks from here. He points out down the street and turn left with a really hard accent, we couldn't really comprehend. We all walk to Starbucks to get coffee and other treats. 

audrey's pov;     { next morning, 6:00 am }        

      "BEEP. BEEP. BEEP!" my alarm was roaring for me to get out of bed. I hit my hand on my alarm sleepily, and I let my arm dangle off my bed. Without a warning, someone jumps on me and screams in my ear, "Get up your lazy bum and eat some breakfast!". I push her off me and she rolls on the other side of the bed. The person soon pushes me off the bed, causing me to fall on my bedroom floor tangled  up in a bunch of my blankets. I am now fully awake, "Lily!" I scream. We soon hear a loud thud on my bedroom wall, "Hey keep it down! People are asleep!" a deep and sleepy voice comes from Harry on the other side of the building. Lily and I just giggle and she helps me off the ground.         

      I see that Lily had already ate two sandwiches and a cup of coffee, "Thanks for preparing me food love." I give her a cheeky smile, "Hey, the early bird gets the worm!" she replies winking and walking into her room; she is probably getting ready for going to the University. I just grabbed a bowl from the cabinets and a box of Lucky Charms. When I was done, I grabbed Lily's dirty dishes and mine; I put them in the dishwasher and pressed the button. I look at the clock on the kitchen clock, I see it was already 7:00. Jesus Christ, I was going to be late for my first class! I rush into my bedroom and I throw on: leggings and a comfy striped knitted sweater and boots. I just simply curled by hair in my bathroom, Lily comes in, "Hurry up Aud! We are gonna be late!". "One minute!" I yell at her as I unplug the curling iron and we both run out of the building.         

       We are walking to the University, it actually wasn't that far from the apartment.

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