My Boyfriend: Niall Horan

Bella Apollo is 19 years old. Bella was an average girl, average face, average life. For the summer her and a few friends were living in a pent house in her uncle's hotel in New York City. The boys of One Direction had decided to come to America and explore New York City, to see what it's like to live in this cultural hub for the summer. Bella and 1D's paths cross unexpectly and she falls for a certain artificially blonde heartthrob but a struggle in the Apollo family tears at their relationship. Something else happens which challenges their relationship and Bella is nothing short form torn.


30. Whoa

Bella's POV

While Niall searched for his USB cord me, Elly, and Drake took towels and wiped off the blood from the floor and the couch. I looked at myself in the mirror, and quickly wiped my fake blood off too. I looked freaky. It came off with soap and water so Alice wasn't going to have to charge my parents for a cleaning fee. While Drake hooked up Elly's phone to the television I called my parents. They just rambled on and on about medical stuff. All they really wanted to know if I was okay or not. When they realized I was fine they told me their I love you's and hung up. Finally.

We sat on the newly cleaned couch me resting my head on Niall's chest. Elly scrolled through her phone video folders and stopped at one, she had named it Long Ago Videos. She clicked on it and set in on slide show. The T.V. went black and the first video played, it was of  the three of us when we were about five maybe six. A little mini version of us came storming onto a playground.

Niall nudged me when I looked at the television My former tiny self looked into the camera, I couldn't believe that was me.

Drake ran towards the monkey bars.

"I'm going to go all the way across the monkey bars!" Little Drake proclaimed.

Me and Elly chased after him and looked up.

"Were too teeny baby tiny to go up there. You're going to fall and your brains are going to fall all over the place and you're going to cry." I crossed my arms.

"No he's gonna DIE!" Elly screeched flailing her arms.

"No I'm not," and Drake jumped up to the monkey bars.

Of course Drake came tumbling down to the ground and a woman, his mom, came running up to him.


His mom picked him up and carried him away.

"Told you!" Little Elly called after him.

The video ended and another one came up. This time it was littler us. We were like two or three. It was just me and Elly in a kiddie pool. I turned around.

"Mommy my swimy suit is itching me." I cried out.

The camera flashed to the parents who were barbequing something on a grill. The camera flashed to the kiddie pool again and their was a naked tiny me my swim suit floating in the water. My tiny bottom showing and I sat back down. Elly didn't seem to notice and just kept playing with a rubber duck in the small pool.

"Awww look at your tiny bum." Zayn cooed.

Niall kissed me on the forehead, "Absolutely adorable."

My dad came rushing over and scooped me out of the pool, "No Bella this isn't a bath." He wrapped me up in a towel. Elly came running out of the pool screaming.

"No no no Mr. Bella's daddy. She can been naked. I'm naked under this, you're naked under your undies. My mommy is naked, my daddy is naked, my grandma is naked..." she went on listing so many other peope who were under their clothing naked. All the adults just laughed.

Niall's POV

This was freakishly cute. Seeing little tiny Bella and her friends. It passed the video where Bella threw the bricks at Drake and Harry burst out in laughter. He even continued laughing at it thirty minutes later. Now about two hours in he still chuckles from the thought of it. It was now moving into their high school years and in some of the videos and there was another boy with them.

"Hey looks it's Trey." Elly pointed.

"Yeah, he was an asshole." Drake scoffed.

"You were best friends!" Elly replied, "I mean until he stole your girlfriend."

"Yeah, that's why I said he was an asshole."

Niall's POV

A video came up and Elly's voice was in the background. "Come on Drake can you sneak around any quieter?"

"Trey come on!" Elly whispered, and a deep voice laughed, "I can hear them from here man," I guess that was Trey.

Then I saw them pass around a corner and then I saw Bella then some guy. They were making out! Like he was rubbing up on her and she was deep into the kiss. Bella didn't look like Bella. She was wearing all black and had a nose piercing.

Bella looked at me, "Oh my gosh Niall. I had forgotten about this. This was my gothic rebel stage I guess." She buried her face into my shirt.

"Oh my god Trent take me to another world." Bella growled.

Trent or whatever smiled back releasing from the kiss, "I'll make music in your pants."

Then Trey or whatever began laughing which made Bella and 'Trent' jump.

"Guys," Bella yelled, "Oh my gosh guys get out of here."

She pushed past the camera and then Trent followed sticking his tongue out at the camera revealing a piecing. He was wearing this Gun's N' Roses shirt and it looked like he had cut off the sleeves revealing a tattoo of a set of vampire fangs, and blood dripping from it. It was creepy as hell. 

The television didn't begin another video.

"It must be done." Elly craned her neck trying to see Bella's face.

I squeezed her, "I was just a bit tipsy and I was into that bad boy type a the time ya' know."

Drake was still looking at the television. "I wonder if Trey and 'her' ever broke up. He was fucking her sideways, or at least that's what Trey claimed."

Louis pushed Drake's shoulder, "Obviously she wasn't worth it mate." Drake shrugged. He looks like he never really got over whoever this girl was.

I was questioning Bella who 'Trent' was.

"So this boy Trent wanted to make music in your pants huh?" I teased.

"I was a little bit drunk, it was a party, and I'm glad they came in, if they hadn't you wouldn't have been my first."

I could feel myself blushing and I leaned into to kiss Bella but nobody was there just the air.

Bella was at the door, I hadn't even heard someone knock on it.  

Bella swung open the door and it was that guy from yesterday, Tanner.

"Hey babe." Tanner said and pushed some hair out of her face and then kissed her on the neck making a moan escape her lips.

I lost it, "Whoa whoa whoa buddy lay off my girl." I pulled Bella away and looked at him dead in the eye. He was taller than me, by at least five inches.

"Your girl?" Tanner mocked. "Please short stop. And what kind of fake ass irish accent is that. Come on Bella I wanna take you somewhere special.

This son of a bitch.

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