My Boyfriend: Niall Horan

Bella Apollo is 19 years old. Bella was an average girl, average face, average life. For the summer her and a few friends were living in a pent house in her uncle's hotel in New York City. The boys of One Direction had decided to come to America and explore New York City, to see what it's like to live in this cultural hub for the summer. Bella and 1D's paths cross unexpectly and she falls for a certain artificially blonde heartthrob but a struggle in the Apollo family tears at their relationship. Something else happens which challenges their relationship and Bella is nothing short form torn.


21. Thearpy

Bella's POV

I sat in the office with Niall waiting for Dr. Stacey she was about three minutes late. Each second made my stomach twist in knots. Niall stood up behind me and began to massage my shoulders.

"Princess, you need to calm down, I brought a surprise for you."

I craned my neck to see him take out a gift bag with flowers on it. "I didn't see you bring that in."

"Because I'm a freakin' ninja babe."

I opened it up and inside were my point shows. I grabbed them with my free hand and held them to my chest.

"Thanks Niall."

No problem," he say back down, "the things I do for the girl I'm in love with."

He said in love. I shook. I was going to say something about it when a cute little old woman came in. She had this sweet cookie making vibe from her. She had smile lines and sweet brown eyes.

"Hello Bella Apollo I am fully aware of your situation."

"Yes mam'."

Niall reached for my hand, he looked at me I looked straight on at Dr. Stacey.

"I'm doctor Stacey and I'm here to help you cope with the fact you were hit by a man which is not okay at all."

"I know mam'."

"Let us begin."

Niall looked at me intently listening to my responses to each question she threw at me.

"When was the first time Dallas Apollo was violent towards you?"

I described the phone and the wrist thing and how he dug into my wrist with his nails. She wrote it down.

"How did it make you feel."

"Physically, in pain, mentally, just surprised."

We went on until she finally asked on final question.

"When this boy, Niall is your name right?" Niall nodded, "When Niall came to your rescue how did that make you feel?"

I took a deep breathe, "He was my hero. He was everything I wanted in my life."

She smiled, "My husband makes me feel that way. No mean to pry but do you love him because I can tell he is head over heals down right stupid in love with you."

I looked at him, then a timer went off, "Times up, see you again tomorrow. I don't mean to rush but my husband and I have to make it home, our grandchildren are coming for a visit I haven't seen them since last April."

Dr. Stacey rushed out of there. And me and Niall were alone.

We continued with the sessions. When it ended weeks went by. I took my sling off, and soon my fractured bone was healed. Niall was distant and quiet, not the same around me. Until one day he came into my room while the others went to some party and asked, tears straining his voice.

"You don't love me back do you?"

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