My Boyfriend: Niall Horan

Bella Apollo is 19 years old. Bella was an average girl, average face, average life. For the summer her and a few friends were living in a pent house in her uncle's hotel in New York City. The boys of One Direction had decided to come to America and explore New York City, to see what it's like to live in this cultural hub for the summer. Bella and 1D's paths cross unexpectly and she falls for a certain artificially blonde heartthrob but a struggle in the Apollo family tears at their relationship. Something else happens which challenges their relationship and Bella is nothing short form torn.


12. Squirming

Niall's POV

The boys and I had begun preparing for our first concert tonight. I was actually happy to be on stage and preform again. We had vocal warming up and we had sang What Makes You Beautiful. The mini concert sold out in the first 10 minutes. I guess I shouldn't be suprised, I mean I thought it would be a small crowd because you know, I didn't think that Dallas would have publized it that much yet. I was wrong about that too, early on that morning there was a freaking commercial for it. I mean really?

Dallas's evil voice echoed across the television saying that tickets went on sale the day of each concert from 7:00 to the time it starts at 8:00. He said this way it keeps the excitment alive instead of already selling out the entire summer in a few days time. Girls were lined up at the hotel buying their tickets then heading into the theater. The theater sat only about 200 people so a bunch of them had to be turned away. Their sad faces, I hated to see our fans get upset.

I tried to see if Bella could come to opening night, I asked her is she had ever been to one of our concerts, she replied no.

"So you think you can come tonight?" I asked.

We were watching tv sitting on the floor I was leaning aganist the couch as she sat in between my legs. I had wrapped my arms around her waist and rested my chin on her shoulders holding her tight. Everytime my mouth opened to speak my breathe tickled her neck. She smiled a bit so I tried to keep the conversation going as long as possible.

I was already about 5:45 and soon we would have to get up and get dressed. After I warmed up with the boys I had insisted that we come back to the room to relax. I just wanted to come to see Bella, I had my own selfish reasons but the boys didn't seem to mind.

I hugged her closer as each moment each minute ticked I didn't want to get up.

Bella's POV

I laughed, "Of course I'm coming, I convinced Uncle Piss-Head's Wife to let me buy one ticket early. Actually she's pretty sweet. I wonder how a piss head like Dallas got such a gem like her."

"Maybe he was once a nice man..." Niall beamed.

"Yeah right." I sneered.

I kept feeling Niall pulling me closer, there was no closer to be yet he still kept pulling me closer anyways. I felt Niall's hand stoke my thigh.

I looked up at him. His eyes intent on mine not pulling away, his hand reached towards my inner thigh.

Niall's POV

I had wanted to make this moment special. I kept stroking her thigh, I went slow so she could stop me at any moment but she didn't. I pulled my head back and leaned it on the couch while I kept feeling her thigh. She rested her head on my shoulder and she chuckled.

I slowly pulled my hand closer and closer to her middle. When I finally reached it I rubbed in slow circles, at first she moved I thought she was gonna get up but then she spread her legs a bit wider. I rubbed some more, she moaned. That turned me on,

"Niall, don't...don't stop." She managed to squeeze from her lips.

I pulled away, she groaned, her throat full of dissapointment. I unzipped her jeans and she did the button. I slid my hands into her panties and rubbed. She let out a huge moan, and quickly covered her mouth.

"It's okay Bella." I whispered.

I pressed down on her clit and she shuddered. I rubbed her clit slowly driving her insanse.

Bella's POV

It felt so good I didn't want him to stop. This wasn't sex and I was fine with this, I let the pleasure take over my body. I felt warmer and warmer, Niall started rubbing in faster circles making me thrust upwards. He laughed, his laugh made me squirm.

Niall began to slow down, "No Niall please don't stop." I was begging.

Niall's POV

Watching me please her like this made me want to jump on top of her. Show her what real pleasure was. But then I heard somebody coming I pulled my hand out, she grunted. I zipped up her pants and buttoned her pants. Zayn walked up.

"We go on in thirty minutes mate."

I nodded and I had to pick Bella off of me. She felt weak in the legs, if Zayn hadn't came she would have come. But I had been teasing her too long. Bella sat up on the couch.

I nuzzled her neck she kissed me.

"I can't wait to see you at the concert cheering me on in the crowd." I said.

She nodded still trying to grip onto any memory of the pleasure.

"Then I'll finish what I started when it's over."

Bella looked at me, her eyes full of lust, wanting. I left, leaving her there alone. When we left I heard her shift off the couch, wow, she must be really weak in the knees. I heard her curse under her breath. As I closed the door she laughed,

"That was amazing."

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