My Boyfriend: Niall Horan

Bella Apollo is 19 years old. Bella was an average girl, average face, average life. For the summer her and a few friends were living in a pent house in her uncle's hotel in New York City. The boys of One Direction had decided to come to America and explore New York City, to see what it's like to live in this cultural hub for the summer. Bella and 1D's paths cross unexpectly and she falls for a certain artificially blonde heartthrob but a struggle in the Apollo family tears at their relationship. Something else happens which challenges their relationship and Bella is nothing short form torn.


3. Running into Niall

Bella's POV

I must have slept the whole day away because when I woke up it was around 11:00 at night. I rubbed my eyes and went into the bathroom. I felt all sticky from the plane ride. I stripped down and took a shower. I guess Drake and Elly had fallen asleep too because when I got out of the shower I didn't hear noises or movement. I slipped into a t-shirt that i was way to big for me and some baggy sweat pants. I couldn't sleep at all now, the shower had washed away any signs of sleep from my eyes.

I crept over to my bags and unpacked them. I mean it was 11:00 at night, what was I to do? I could watch television but I mean that will always be there. I hung up some stuff in the closet and stuff like my undergarments I folded nice and neat into the drawers.  I rummaged through my bags until I saw them, my point shoes. I looked down at my feet.

Dancer's feet were never a pretty sight. They have some many markings from once bloody toes or heels. But people don't see that, all they see is the pretty little tutus never thinking about the limitations and demands it brought along with it. I strapped on my point shoes and slide along the hallway, Elly left her door open and I peaked inside.

She was curled up under the covers with the tv on casting light figures dancing across her face. Further down the hall I could hear Drake's insanse snoring. I navigated my way through the pent house, it was larger than I expected so far I counted seven bedrooms (counting ours of course).

I guess Uncle Dallas thought I would have brought more friends. The more I explored the more I realize I could never afford this place, I'm gonna have to pay and arm and a leg just to be able to work off this place for the summer.

I finally found this study, and all there was inside of it was a book shelf, a desk a chair, and a lamp in it. I moved the things out of the way and pushed them as close to the wall as I possibly could. I played my own little melody in my head and stood on my toes and danced until around 2:00 in the morning. I woke up with Elly stroking my hair laughing,

"Oh my gosh dude did you spend all night being a ballerina girl?"

I nodded and stretched my hair stuck to my face from sweat, there was a knot in my neck from sleeping on the floor. I heard Drake drop something in the kitchen and he swore under his breathe. He picked it up then called for us,

"Breakfast ladies!"

Niall's POV

The plane ride from London to New York City was pretty tiring. We had our hotel reservations ready and when we got there the lady at the front desk looked us in the eyes and smiled,

"I'm sorry but I have no record of a reservtion made under One Direction."

Louis's eyes widened, "WHAT!" he screeched, his accent heavy.

The enitre lobby looked at us, I put a hand on Louis's shoulder my face getting hot from embarrassment.

Zayn stepped up, "So what you're saying is you lost our reservation?"

"I assure you sure, we don't loose them." the lady said still smiling, but with each passing second her smiled grew faker and faker.

"I'm sorry about this."

Liam exclaimed from the back, "No I am, we made these plans months ago!"

The lady folded her arms and sighed she twirled her hair, "I hate to ask because of the situation at hand, but my daughter is a fan, can you sign this notepad, it's her birthday today."

I took a pen and signed it, we all signed. Harry gave her the evil eye and flipped his curls with a dissatisfied grunt. We rolled out of the hotel with our hundreds of suitcases. We were hotel-less in New York City. Ain't that grand?

Bella's POV

Uncle Dallas said the first week we could be free, then next Monday we were gonna to start off as pool cleaners. For our first day of freedom, we decided to check out this cafe we saw in this magazine, apperantly it was trending. We all got dressed and headed out. Drake forgot his wallet in his the room so he took the room key while me and Elly walked the few blocks to the cafe.

Elly tried to get this One Direction coming to New York thing through my head again.

"What if they boys are walking around right now?"

I groaned,

"Oh my gosh."

"But what if, hey Bella watch out-"

I wasn't watching were I was going. I had fallen on some guy I began to apologize until I choked on it and sat there like a babbling idiot. I had fallen ontop of Niall Horan. 

Elly helped me up and I coughed out an,

"I'm sorry."

Niall laughed, "Please don't scream, we're trying to keep this vacation press free as long as possible."

I nodded, and Niall helped me stand up straight.

Liam came up to us, "Oh dude! Hey we are so sorry. We haven't been having the best day today so if you could we'll be on our way."

Harry and Louis came up behind him while Zayn stood off talking to someone on the phone. Niall looked around then looked at me, I quickly looked down for fear of my face turning the blood red it does when I get embarrassed. Niall smiled faintly.

"We think we might have found some place to take us in. Zayn's got them on the line now."  Louis sighed.

I began to dust off my jeans like there was dirt on them.

"No they were booked." Zayn breathed heavily. He grabbed his forehead and shook it.

"I can't believe that hotel lost out reservation!" Harry groaned.

Elly stood there speechless and Drake came up, he looked at me, then Elly, then the boys and shook his head no and laughed.

I don't know were this sudden courage came but I spoke up finally, "My uncle just opened up this sweet new hotel some blocks away from here, It's a pent house suite and it's freakishly big with tons of space. If you guys need a place to crash, as long as you help out once in a while doing small chores with us you can stay free of charge."

They all looked at me, I felt Elly and Drake's eyes on me.

Niall looked at the boys, then at me,

"This could be a solution to our problem." They all nodded and we headed back for the hotel.

This was really happening, Niall walked next to me. I had these urges to look up at his face. He puts on a hat and some sunglasses, we quickened our pace in fear of  paparazzi. We bunched up on the elevator, I felt my heart pounding each step we took closer to the door. Everything else after that was a blur because all I could think of was Niall's rosy cheeks.


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