My Boyfriend: Niall Horan

Bella Apollo is 19 years old. Bella was an average girl, average face, average life. For the summer her and a few friends were living in a pent house in her uncle's hotel in New York City. The boys of One Direction had decided to come to America and explore New York City, to see what it's like to live in this cultural hub for the summer. Bella and 1D's paths cross unexpectly and she falls for a certain artificially blonde heartthrob but a struggle in the Apollo family tears at their relationship. Something else happens which challenges their relationship and Bella is nothing short form torn.


31. Pulling into the Heat

Bella's POV

I watched Tanner's face. So full of pain, hurt, and confusion. I felt bad that I did this.

"Who is the clown anyways Bella Swan?" he held his hand out to me, begging me to grab it.

I reached my hand out and pulled him into the room. "Hey, Tanner remember yesterday when you left saying that something was going to happen that you didn't understand?"


"Well this is it. I thought Niall, my boyfriend, left me, but it was a misunderstanding and now I guess we're back together."

He looked at me, then at Niall. "So I was just some rebound?"

I never really thought about it but I guess he was. I pulled him into a hug and kissed him on the cheek.

"I'm so sorry Tanner, but it's just that I thought we would be more of the friend variety."

He was just about to calm down, and then I said that.

"What the hell, that kiss yesterday wasn't some friendly peck like you just gave me right now. Bella Swan, I'm crazy about you. I couldn't stop thinking about you in fact I think I like you. Wait, no, I KNOW I like you."

Niall's POV

I know Bella would be pissed off at me if I just jumped right in but I was getting sick of him, Tanner, calling her Bella Swan.

Bella's POV

I could see Niall was getting impatient.

"I thought we had something special Bella Swan. Like something that was going to last longer than this. I mean if this guy left you once what is going to stop him from doing it again. You and I both know that this wasn't a misunderstanding."

Tanner had no idea what he was talking about and it was making me boil. I could feel hot blood coursing through my veins.

"Tanner, leave." Even with all the rage, I covered it up with one of the nicest smiles that I could ever conjure up and directed him towards the door.

Niall's POV

I watched Tanner's shoulders tense up, and he was breathing heavily. Like he couldn't believe what happening, I couldn't help myself and as he walked by me I made sure Bella wasn't looking.

"Stay the fuck away from Bella." I said, I tried to look serious but I had to smirk showing him that I was hers and not him.

Mistake, Tanner stopped look at me and swung hitting me right in the nose.

"Fuck of pikey."

Bella screamed but I was to much in shock to say anything back. Tanner was gone,

"What the hell did you do Niall?" She called for Zayn to come help me and left running out after Tanner.

"I just made her run to some other guy."

Zayn shook his head, "Niall what happened?"

I looked at Zayn, "I just made her run to some other guy." I cupped my nose in my hands while Zayn frantically looked around for some tissue. He handed to me and tilted my head back. I waited and waited for Bella to come back, she didn't.

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