My Boyfriend: Niall Horan

Bella Apollo is 19 years old. Bella was an average girl, average face, average life. For the summer her and a few friends were living in a pent house in her uncle's hotel in New York City. The boys of One Direction had decided to come to America and explore New York City, to see what it's like to live in this cultural hub for the summer. Bella and 1D's paths cross unexpectly and she falls for a certain artificially blonde heartthrob but a struggle in the Apollo family tears at their relationship. Something else happens which challenges their relationship and Bella is nothing short form torn.


1. Plane Ride

Bella's POV

My summer vacation had so far been planned out. I was going to New York City to live with my Uncle Dallas, he had just opened up the new hotel and is the co-owner with his wife. He was disgustingly rich and every few years or so he would pick a new dream he wanted to persue.  The last dream was owning a nightclub, he opened up one up in Californa and now that it was a success he had gotten bored and moved on to this hotel thing. My parents thought it was a good idea to get close to him just in case he wanted to leave a small fortune in his will to me, my parnets are always trying to find ways to mooch off of him.

I didn't want to hang out all summer with some guy I barely knew who was about the same age as my dad. I begged my parents into letting me bring two of my best friends. The only two who I would be there to spend the summer with me cleaning rooms and working phones in Uncles Dallas's hotel was none other than Elly and Drake. We had been pals since before we could walk.

My mother watched me pack up the rest of my stuff,

"Don't forget your point shoes."

I looked to might right and gazed at my favorite pair of faded pink, point shoes. So man scuff marks on the ends of them showed my dedication to dance. Yes, I'm a ballerina and I'm sad to say but I am those Betty Bunheads people think ballerinas are. I have the pink leotard and a black one when I dance contemporary. I have the tutu and countless bobby pins to hold my bun in place.

"How could I forget?"

I grabbed the shoes and tucked them into my carry on bag, whenever they were close to me I felt as if only good could happen. I zipped the remainder of my stuff and sat on my suitcase. I looked out the window onto the beach. We lived in the Hollywood, Florida. The beaches seemed to last forever here, and now I was going to New York City where it is all closed, and tight. Suffocating. My dad knocked on my bedroom door even though it was open.

"Ready to go Bella Ballerina?" he smirked.

"Yeah. I'm ready to go."


I arrived to the airport and my mom and dad kissed me away. My mom went through a checklist of everything several times to make sure I had everything. My dad had to grab her by the waist and guide her back to the car, he waved then ducked into the car. I saw my parents blow one final kiss and they drove off. As the car merged into airport traffic from the drop off lane my mother rolled down the window on the passenger side,

"Call or text us as often as you can, and by that I mean more than just twice a week!"

I ducked my head down in embarrasment as a crowd of people walked by looking for the unfortunate girl that lady was calling too.


I found Elly near a Starbucks in the food court sipping on apple cider.

"Dude, it's in the middle of summer you don't need to be drinking warm beverages."

Elly turned around and nearly snorted the cider out of her nose. And she squeaked.

"Oh Bella hey!"

I smiled,


We exchanged glances then I felt a hand slide around my waist and hoist me off the ground. Drake lifted me into the air and I nearly losted my balance. He put me down before he both fell over.

"Drake, don't scare me like that I wasn't prepared."

Drake ruffled my hair,

"Don't get your tights in a twist ballet girl."

A loud, boring voice came over the intercome: "All passengers boarding flight F5AD going from Hollywood, Florida to New York City departure time is in one hour. Please begin heading through secruity."

We grabbed out stuff and began passing through the secruity checkpoint. I hate having to go through the metal detector because my bra had a wire hook and it kept beeping. At least I had one of the female guards pat me down. By the time we had found the loading point they had called for tickets. Elly scooped up our tickets and we headed onto the plane.

Elly nudged me, I hadn't relaized  I had begun to fall asleep.

"Guess what! This plane had wi-fi and I was on twitter. The boys tweeted they are going to New York City soon!"

"They boys?"

She hit me on the arm.


"The boys, One Direction. My gosh you know the boys always equal One Direction."

I rubbed my arm and looked past her and at Drake, he was knocked out. Good, I didn't want to hear his complaing, he always hated when we talked about One Direction.

"So what when did they tweet this?"

"A few minutes ago."

"What are the odds they mean they are coming right now, they could mean days, weeks, or even months."

Elly had been crazy for those boys ever since she saw them on the X Factor. She knew more about them than they knew about themselves.

"Gosh, you always have the ruin the mood!"

I shrugged, "No I think logically."

Elly slumped down into her seat and I looked out the window. Next thing I know the captin's voice came over the intercome announcing we would be landing in about thirty minutes. I glanced over at Elly who was still looking at the guy's latest tweets. I happened to look over and see a photo of the one called Niall. He was actually pretty cute.


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