Hopelessly devoted to you

Claire is a normal 18 year old girl, trying to find a job, get by with paying her rent, and still petrified by her parents sudden death 3 years ago. She believes her life is at its end, but then she meets a young man in a restaurant kitchen. Could she have found the one? Can she tell him about the tragedy of her parents murder? and will she fall hopelessly in love?


13. Waking Up

Claires' POV


I hold harrys hand and watch as his chest goes up and down slowly.... What if he never wakes up? What if i will never see him smile again? 


Harrys POV


I can feel Claire holding my hand, what if i never wake up? what if i never see her again? 
I try harder and harder to come back to her, i feel myself becoming closer at breaking through this darkness when suddenly i squeeze her hand....i'm almost out. "DOCTOR!!!! HE MOVED!!!!" i heard her yell, the door opened and many people came in the room, a man asked her to leave and i heard more voices. "Harry, come on... try harder, you're almost there." i tried one more time! and opened my eyes "Hes Awake!" a nurse yelled, i just smiled.

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