Hopelessly devoted to you

Claire is a normal 18 year old girl, trying to find a job, get by with paying her rent, and still petrified by her parents sudden death 3 years ago. She believes her life is at its end, but then she meets a young man in a restaurant kitchen. Could she have found the one? Can she tell him about the tragedy of her parents murder? and will she fall hopelessly in love?


5. Perfect

Claires POV

12:00 rolled around and i stood in my Apartment waiting for Harry. I decided to wear some Red high waisted shorts, black converse and a crop-top my brother brought back for me from New York, it says "Shut up and kiss me." I thought it would fit...

Harrys POV

I stepped out of my apartment and walked over to Claires, knocked on the door and waited for her to answer.

She opened the door and i was speechless she looked amazing. I silently giggled at her shirt and gave her a hug. "You ready?" i asked, she nodded. I held her hand while we walked through the back door of the building  fans can find us anywhere! "Harry! Harry! Harry!" Oh crap... Fans. I put Claire on my back and started running for my car. Once we got there i opened up the passenger side door, she got in and i closed it. I ran around to my side of the car and got in. Just in time for a mob of people to come around the corner. I drove away quickly and looked over at Claire. she was smiling. "You're hilarious." She said laughing, I stared at her with a confused look "What do you mean?" "You just picked me up and ran. It was cute." "Yeah well, I'm concerned for your safety... They can get really intense. And we have no security." she blushed and i held her hand the whole car ride.

Claires POV

We stopped at some building and got out. "Where are we?" I asked "Somewhere.... Special." Harry said grabbing my hand and walking me into the Building. It was Beautiful! Their was a giant staircase going up to the different rooms of the building. Harry led me into a room and it was filled with flowers! Were we in a giant Garden? Harry led me to another door that lead to a sea room, There was Lunch Set for two in the middle of the empty room. I looked around and saw the walls we're glass. And behind the glass we're many, many fish tanks! Its amazing! But i cant swim.... so i feel a bit un-comfortable. 

Harrys POV

This is perfect. But she looks a little un comfortable "You okay?" I asked her holding her hand "Yeah, i just cant swim, so i don't like water much." She said looking down at her Lunch. I feel awful. I let go of her hand and she grabbed it back "Its perfect. I love it. Everything is absolutely gorgeous." She said smiling  I feel a lot better now.

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