Hopelessly devoted to you

Claire is a normal 18 year old girl, trying to find a job, get by with paying her rent, and still petrified by her parents sudden death 3 years ago. She believes her life is at its end, but then she meets a young man in a restaurant kitchen. Could she have found the one? Can she tell him about the tragedy of her parents murder? and will she fall hopelessly in love?


7. Oh God, Louis!

Harrys POV

-Vibrateing Noise-

What? what was that? Oh... My phone, right.

I walked over to my dresser and checked the Text i had just recieved.

From: Claire :)

Hey, last night was absolutely amazing. I just wanted you 

to know that... What are you doing today? Can i walk over?


Reply to: Claire :)

I'm not doing anything today, the boys are still asleep...

but come on over! <3

Reply from: Claire :)

Okay! I'll be right over.


I put my phone down and went into the bathroom to check how my hair looked, absolutely Awful. I gasped and quickly fixed it, then i heard a knock on the door. CRAP! all i have on is boxers... well... i guess it doesn't matter, just like swimming, right? 

I walked over to the door and opened it to see Claire standing there with her hair up in a messy bun, sweat pants on and a spaghetti strap shirt that said 'Stop staring at my chest'. Oh... oops. 

She looked at me and smiled, "No time to get dressed?" she asked giggling, "Nope. No time at all." I said inviting her inside. I quickly ran to my room and put on a plain white T-Shirt and some black skinny jeans, but not to skinny... 

I walked back out and saw she had already started watching Love Actually. God, shes great.


Claires POV

Harry walked back from his bedroom, fully clothed. I pouted jokingly and he took off his shirt. Was not expecting that one... He sat next to me and put his arm around me, i placed my head on his shoulder and we continued watching the movie. 


Harrys POV

We were watching Love Actually peacefully until Louis walked out in just his boxers. Claire and I tunred around to face him, "Oh god, Louis!" Yelled Claire quickly turning around and covering her eyes. Louis looked up and said "Oh, oops. Sorry! didn't realize we had company, but dont lie... you like it." he said jokingly walking out of the room. Claire started laughing and we continued to watch the movie.

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