Hopelessly devoted to you

Claire is a normal 18 year old girl, trying to find a job, get by with paying her rent, and still petrified by her parents sudden death 3 years ago. She believes her life is at its end, but then she meets a young man in a restaurant kitchen. Could she have found the one? Can she tell him about the tragedy of her parents murder? and will she fall hopelessly in love?


2. He wont call... will he?

Claires POV

I walked into my apartment and collapsed onto my couch turning on the TV, will he call? Will Harry Styles call.. me? I doubt it... Suddenly i felt my phone vibrate and my heart skipped a beat i picked up my phone and looked at the caller ID "Chrissy Miles" I sighed and opened up the text.

One text from: Chrissy Miles

Hey girl!

How was serving One Direction? I gave Harry your number, but he said he already had it. Hit it of did we? 

I blushed at the Text and quickly sent one back

Reply to: Chrissy Miles

He asked for my number... so i gave it to him.. i don't think he'll call though...

I stared at my phone for a long time but she never answered back so i threw my phone down on my bean bag chair and went to the bathroom to have a shower.

Once i was out i put on some jogging pants and a baggy T-shirt that said "If i had a British Accent, i'd never shut up" Its funny though, i grew up in Doncaster, just like Louis Tomlinson. I never saw him before the X Factor though, its weird. I put my hair up in a bun and plopped myself down on the couch. I noticed my phone blinking so i picked it up.

One missed call: UNKNOWN NUMBER

My heart skipped a beat and i started breathing heavily. Unknown Number? Could that have been Harry... oh my god... My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door i walked over and opened it only to find the one, the only, Niall Horan standing there. "What are you doing here?" i asked, he just stared at me and smiled "The boys and i just moved into the flat next door, we're looking for someone to help us with organizing and moving in..." he trailed off while he read my shirt and chuckled a bit, i looked down and chuckled at the shirt he was wearing 'Kiss me i'm Irish' Just too cute! He noticed, and blushed. "I'd be glad to help, if you want." Suddenly i heard my phone ring and i ran over to get it "Hello?" "Hey! Is this Claire? its Harry." My heart stopped for a split second and i put the phone on speaker "Claire? you there?" Harry said quietly, Niall Laughed and said "Hey man! Its Niall. Come down the hall." The line went dead and i heard footsteps walking, no, running down the hallway. They stopped right infront of my door and there he was. Harry Styles, in my doorway. "You live here to?!" he said trying to hold back his excitement "Yeah, i do. I heard you guys needed some help?" i smiled and stepped out of my apartment and shut the door behind me. 

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