Hopelessly devoted to you

Claire is a normal 18 year old girl, trying to find a job, get by with paying her rent, and still petrified by her parents sudden death 3 years ago. She believes her life is at its end, but then she meets a young man in a restaurant kitchen. Could she have found the one? Can she tell him about the tragedy of her parents murder? and will she fall hopelessly in love?


6. First Kiss

Claires POV

I looked at harry and smiled, we're on the beach now. I still can't swim... but its absolutely stunning out tonight! and the sun was setting over the ocean. He took my hand in his and i blushed. It was getting cold and i think he noticed my shivering cause he pulled me closer to him and wrapped his big, strong arms around my body to keep me warm, I feel so protected. 


Harrys POV

I wrapped my arms around her and she blushed like crazy, i like it when i make her blush. Makes me realize i'm doing something right, here. She looked up at me and i noticed her eyes flash to my lips for a split second, I decided to take the opportunity to lift my hand up and gently place it on her cheek, she closed her eyes and smiled, snuggling into my hand. I tilted my head and moved in closer to her, our lips touched and fireworks! Fireworks! Fireworks! thats all i felt.


Claires POV


He tilted his head and leaned in closer to me, closing the gap between our lips, and wow. All i felt was fireworks! I know its to soon, but i love him. Hes Absolutely Amazing. Our lips parted and i smiled and buried my head into his neck to keep myself warm, he quietly chucked and pulled my body closer as we watched the Sun set on the horizon. 

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