Louis Tomlinson One Shot Summer Love

It's a simple one shot featuring Louis Tomlinson from One Direction!! (:


1. Just enjoy the story babes.xx


"So this is it." I whispered slowly. "Yeah...I guess it's over now. Right?" He asked. "Yeah...I guess so." I lowered my head and stared at the ground in silence. He put a finger underneathe my chin and brought my face close to his. A tear drop quickly made it's way down his face. I wiped it away and he smiled. "You'll always be my summer love. Don't forget that." I sighed and hugged him. "I'll miss you." He mumbled into my neck. He pulled back and kissed my lips slow and passionately. "I'll miss you too." I said through my cry. He sighed and stood up grabbing my hand. "Let's have on last night of fun before we part. Just forget about tomorrow and live in the now." I smiled and stood up. We didn't know where we were going. We just trying to avoid tomorrow.   ~Three Weeks Later~ I was sitting at home on the couch watching tv when I got a text message. "Hey, don't you always go outside when you talk to someone on the phone?" He asked me. "Yeah...why?" A few seconds after I sent the text my phone rang. I picked it up to read the name, "Summer love". It was him. "Hello?" I answered. "Hey babe! Go outside so we can talk. It's important." "Okay." I replied standing up. I walked outside and sat down on my swing and started rocking slowly. "So what's up?" I asked him "Nothing much to be honest. I just wanted to see if you were up to anything." "No not really. Are you up too---hold on. There's someone pulling up my driveway." "Oh yeah? I wonder who it is." He told me. I looked at the black car pulling closer to me. It looked so fimilar. "What in the..." I trailed off. The car stopped and the door opened. A tall figure with shaggy brown hair walked out. "Wait....LOUIS!" I screamed. I dropped my phone and ran towards him. I embraced him in a tight hug and kissed him. I didn't even care if he didn't want to or not I kissed him. I loved him. "What are you doing here!?" I shouted excitedly. "I missed you too much. I love you a lot and I never should have left you. You'll always be more than just my summer love." I smiled and kissed him. "I love you too Louis."
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