Girls in a Boy Band?

Caitlin and Tara had always been friends.. but when they audition to be back up dancers for the biggest boy band ever things start to change... will they always be Best Friends? Or will boys get in the way of their friendship?


4. chapter3

  4 hours later   Niall's pov Tara is smashed out of her mind. Oh god she's callin me over "NNNNNIIIIAAALLL" she called "Yes love" I reply "Do you know where jake is" she slurs "Nah babe but I can help ya look for him if ya want?" I ask "Yes please" she slurs back and gives me a big hug "On one condition" I say sternly "And what would that be" she asks batting her eyelashes "No more drinks" I reply "But Nia-" she starts "No" I interrupt "Fine" she gives in We spend 5 to 10 mins looking for him, I see Caitlin and James hitting it off really well I knew they'd be good for each other my thoughts are interrupted by Tara "Look I see him" she points over "Why is he talking to that girl" she says Next thing I know jake starts snogging this chick. I look over at Tara and see a tear run down her face. Oh no oh no she runs off   Tara's pov How can he do this to me, he's such a dickhead "Tara, Tara !" I hear Niall scream my name over the music I keep running I run out the house I don't know where to go I think we past a park around the corner on the way here. I probably look like a mess now, why would he do that to me. I just keep running I finally reach the park and sit down on a bench.   Niall's pov Gosh she can run good in heals she looks like she's heading to the park. I keep running and finally reach her she's just sitting there sobbing her heart out. Gosh why'd he do this to her she seems so fragile but she's putting this strong front out. I sit next to he. "I'm sorry you saw that" I whisper "Why are you sorry" she whispers between sobs "Cause no girl deserves to see that" I reply "I know I haven't known you long but you seem like a really sweet girl and what he's doing is wrong its probably the alcohol getting to him" I reason with her     "I've been drinking but you don't see me snogging anyone else do you"she says between sobs "I know I know" I reply while I give her a hug and we just sit there her crying into my shirt After 10 min of just sitting there hugging she jumps up "Where's Caitlin" she asks "Probably still at the house" I say slowly getting up "Well I have to get her and get home Niall he was my lift how am I gonna get home and I can't stay with him what am I gonna do " Tara panicked and started pacing I grabbed her hands "look at me we will go get Caitlin and you two will come stay with me and tomorrow I will drive you both home, ok" I said as we looked into each others eyes "Thank you Niall" she whispered "It's ok love" I whispered back "Let's go" I said as I grabbed her hand   Caitlin's pov Where the heck are they I'm actually starting to worry "Caitlin" I hear Niall yell and then I see Tara she looks like a mess behind him holding his hand what has that bastard done. "Come on your both staying with me tonight" Niall said as he grabbed my hand and took me and Tara to his car. "Niall what has jake done" I ask as we get in the car Niall drives while I get in passenger and Tara gets in the back. "I'll talk to you later about it" he whispered He keeps looking in the mirror back at Tara what's going on. When we arrive at his house we work out Tara's asleep in the back seat. "Here take the keys I'll carry her in" Niall says as he throws the keys at me I watch as he picks her up bridal style and she nuzzles into his neck. As I walk into his house and turn on some lights I wait for Niall to come in. He Carry's Tara up to what I assume is his room and tells me to follow him "you girls can sleep here, I'll sleep on the couch" Niall muttered as he put Tara down and went down stairs. "Niall" I whispered "Yes Caitlin" he whispered back "What happened" I asked cautiously "We went looking for jake and he was snogging some chick" he replied back with A glient of anger in his eyes. "Oh" I reply in shock he got her out of all her insecurities about boys after austin and now he does this now unbelievable . "Good night Caitlin" Niall whispers as he goes downstairs "Niall wait" I whisper scream "Yes"he whispers back "Thank you for looking after her" I whisper "It's ok now off to bed" he says and then he was gone With that we all went to bed
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