Girls in a Boy Band?

Caitlin and Tara had always been friends.. but when they audition to be back up dancers for the biggest boy band ever things start to change... will they always be Best Friends? Or will boys get in the way of their friendship?


3. chapter2


Next day   Tara's pov   *ding ding*-doorbell Shit she's here I rush down stairs "Hey baby" slurred Austin "What the hell do you want Austin" I practically screeched back "You baby I want u back" he slurred again while roughly grabbing me "Austin stop I broke up with you for a reason now leave me alone" I said sternly "How about NO" he screamed back. Shit his tempers rising "You know what happens when I don't get what I want" he purred in my hear before smashing his lips onto me "Get off me" I screamed "What do you think you are doing to her" Caitlin "None of your business nerd" Austin grunted "Excuse me get off my friend right now before I make you !" Caitlin threatened " Whatever I'm not in the mood for you and your little loser friend " he grunted and walked off "Thank you" I whisper "It's ok" she replied "Alright let's go Shopping !!!!" Squealed Caitlin "Yep" I agreed     *at shops*   "I really like that" Caitlin said as she pointed out this dress It was boobtube, black at the top where your boobs are with a hot pink ribbon under your boobs with a flowy leopard print "Go try it on" I edged her "Alright alright alright" Caitlin sang as she ran to the dressing room Mm I like that dress short enough I might just try it on   Caitlin's pov Tara comes out the dressing room same time as me, when did she get there she's wearin this ---description--- "You look stunning" Tara commented "Thanks but you look amazing" she replied seemingly out of it I'll leave it Her phone starts ringing "I'll just find some shoes and accessories " I whisper and let her answer her call   Tara's pov I answer my phone and its jake Me-hello Jake-hey babe Me- how are you Jake- great and you Me- yeah I'm all good Jake- good so I was just calling to say I'll pick you and Caitlin up at around 3:00 at your house?? Me- yep sounds good Jake- kool so you ready to get smashed Me- yep but how we getting home then Jake- my friends said we can stay at his tonite after the party Me - ok alright I better go see ya later babe Jake-bye   "Come on Caitlin we gotta go Jakes coming to pick us up at 3:00 and its two now lets go pay" I say "Ok" she replies   *after getting ready *   *knock knock* He's here "Caitlin he's here do I look alright" I ask " you look hot" she commented with a laugh I ran down stairs and opened the door "Hey babe you look sexy as usual" jake said as he gave me a big hug and kiss on the lips "you too baby" I reply "Hi Caitlin" he said a gave her a wave "Hi" she replied sweetly "Alright we already to go?" He questioned "Yep let me just lock up and stuff" I said as me and Caitlin got our bags   *in Mullingar*   "Here we are ladies"jake said as he ran round and opened my door he's such a gentleman now to find Caitlin a guy "Niall bro how's it been " jake says has he lets go of my hand and gives this Niall a bro hug "Good you bro" he replies with a thick irish accent "Yeah good oh this is my date Tara" he says as he introduces me "Hi" We both say as we go in for hugs "And this is her friend Caitlin" jake says as Niall and Caitlin hug "So should we go guys" Niall asked "Yep" we all replied After we put all our gear in Niall's house we piled In jakes car and all went to the party   Caitlin's pov We arrived at the party and the house was shaking cause the music was so loud I could barely hear my self think I don't see how Tara likes this stuff anyway I will try enjoy this "Caitlin I'm gonna get a drink you coming" Tara asked "Yeah sure" I replied "Babe I'll be back in a sec" Tara said to jake as they started snogging Ewww "Get a room" I comment. I hear Niall laugh he's so cute but not my type "Fine I'm coming" Tara mutters as we walk off to find something to drink "Over there" Tara squeals as she skips off at the sight of alcohol "So what you think of Niall " I comment as we grab our drinks "Yeah his hot but I'm taken maybe you should make a move miss single pringle" she giggles, gosh she's already tipsy " he's not my type" I reply as we head in the direction ;) the boys are at.   As soon as we got to the boys Tara's snogging with jake and me and Niall are like two awkward turtles. "So Niall how old are ya" I ask trying start a convo "16 and you" he replied "16" I replied "Kool" he replied Next thing we know Tara and jake are grinding on the dance floor "So are you single?" Niall asked as we watched the couple "Yep you" I asked "Yes hey I think I kno a guy for you he's one of my cousins friends here come on "he gestured me to follow "Okay" I said as I went with him  
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