Girls in a Boy Band?

Caitlin and Tara had always been friends.. but when they audition to be back up dancers for the biggest boy band ever things start to change... will they always be Best Friends? Or will boys get in the way of their friendship?


2. chapter1


Tara's pov   Omg schools so boring ten more minutes Shit the teachers looking at me "Miss Jones" he screamed. "Yes mr Tole" "Can u answer the question" he practically screeched "umm no" "well you and ur little attitude can go to the principles office now!!". Seriously again today fuck my life "whatever" I mutter as I get up get my note and leave I'm dead , I'm so screwed my thoughts were interrupted with my name being called. "Tara,Tara over here" I spin around to see none other jake "hey babe" he says with a flirty wink " hey jake" I respond " soo I was thinking my mate from Mullingar his cousin is having a huge party on saturday and he said if I would come so he knew someone cause from what I've heard his cousins a dick and they don't get on soo he said I could come with a date and I was wondering if you would be that special date for me he finished off with a hopefull look on his face " I would love too but I've already made plans with Caitlin" I answered "well she can come too" he said still with that adorable face " I'm sure she'd love too come" I finished with a smile "awesome pick u up at 3:00pm cause you kno long trip" "sure I'll text you later" "alright bye" he said with a wave "catch ya later babe" I whisper/ screamed Down the hall.   *in principles office*   "Mrs Jones what have you done now" Mr Diebell asked as I sat in my seat passing him my slip "Innapropriate attitude in class towards me and work activities" he read out loud "again Tara" he sighed "I promise this time was different" I tried arguing "Tara you say that every time" Mr Diebell interrupted "but I'm not lying I promise" I pleaded " You know my rules 2 more notes and this will be your second suspension this year next your expelled" he said "I know, I know" I sighed "well then I will be telling your parents about this but I'll leave the two more strikes rule out" he said with a nod "Thank you Mr Diebell " I muttered "Your dismissed Tara be on your best behaviour" with that I walked out into the hall. Fuck school I will do wat I want.   *ding ding dinnnnggg* -lunch bell   "Tara" Caitlin and Luke screamed as they pushed past the crowed hall "Hey guys" I laughed back as they enveloped me in a big group hug "I really hate Fridays cause we have no classes until 5th period together but I love them cause means end of school" Luke said as we started walking to our lunch spot "Yeah" I agreed quietly"you alright Babe " Luke asked looking at me concerned "Yeah why wouldn't I be " I replied sternly "Woah I was just asking" he answered seemingly hurt " I'm sorry" I said as I gave him a Hug. "So you both still on for Sunday my house for Manchester game" I asked "Yep" they both nodded   *ding ding dinnnnngg* 5th period bell   "Come on Tara we have art let's go" Caitlin said as she dragged me to our lockers "Hey you know how you coming over all weekend while my parents out of town " I asked "Yeah....I can't believe they're letting you have the house to yourself for the week" Caitlin replied unsure as we got our books "Yeah i know anyway you know jake" I started "Boyfriend jake ?" She asked "Yep anyway he asked me to come to his friends cousins party in Mullingar but I said I made plans with you already so he said u could come so guess where we're going this weekend" I asked waiting nervously for her response "Mullingar" she groaned "Yep" I squealed and did my little happy dance "A-you go to waaaayyyyy to many parties and b- I thought we were gonna practice together for xfactor" she whined "We can do that Sunday I promise" I replied to her wingeing "Fine" she said with a hint of happiness in her eyes who knows maybe she will find someone.     *after school* "So what are we gonna wear tomorrow" Caitlin said as she slipped into the passenger seat and I started up the car "Don't know we can go shopping tomorrow" I replied as I dropped her off at her house "Bye I'll see ya tomorrow 9:00 at my house" I screamed as she got out the car " all good bye" she waved


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