Girls in a Boy Band?

Caitlin and Tara had always been friends.. but when they audition to be back up dancers for the biggest boy band ever things start to change... will they always be Best Friends? Or will boys get in the way of their friendship?


6. chapter 5


  Chapter 5   *6 days later*   Tara's pov It's been a week since jake cheated on me and he keep sending me messages saying he's sorry and if I take him back it won't happen again. Right now I'm on phone to Niall   Me- is it bad I'm thinking about taking him back Niall- I don't know cause I don't know your guys history Me-ok I think I'm gonna take him back Niall- 2 things don't rush into it and always know I'm here Me-thanks Niall love you Niall- love you too Me- bye Niall- bye *end of convo*   Niall's pov I can't believe she's taking him back after what he did. I'm gonna call Caitlin and talk about it with her.   Me- hey Caitlin- hey Niall Me- I'm calling to talk about Tara Caitlin- continue Me- well I think she's considering taking Jake back Caitlin- ohh I'll look after her don't worry Me- alright thanks Caitlin Caitlin- can I ask you something Me- yeah sure Caitlin- why do you care so much? Why do I, I thought to myself Me- I guess cause I don't know how to describe it but she seems so fragile but she's putting up this big front and I guess I want to help her I love her like a sister. Caitlin- oh well I've gotta go bye babe Me- bye love *end of convo*     Tara's pov Caitlin should be here any minute now. Where is she *ding dong ding* "Hey" I scream as I tackle her as she walks through the door "Hi Tara why you in such a good mood?" She asked as she got up and straightened her outfit out "Jake and me are back together" I Sang as we went up to my studio "Oh" Caitlin muttered. I'm gonna ignore that cause we have to practice " so xfactor is next weekend" Caitlin started "And I know we have to practice and practice" I sighed "Gwd let's go"     *monday at school*   "Hey baby" jake whispered in my ear "Hey babe" I replied while turning around and giving him a peck on the lips which soon turned out to a full on make out session until I heard someone cough. We broke apart and he groaned as I saw it was Luke. "LLLLUUUKKKEEE" I squealed as I gave him a big hug "Caitlin told me wat happened at that party why are you snogging him" he whispered into my ear "I forgave him" I whisper back. I see Luke shake his head than force on a smile Then I feel someone grab my waist from behind protectively... Jake "come on babe" he says as I wave to my friends and head of hand and hand down the hall.     *friday afternoon*   Caitlin's pov "Bye jake" Tara whispers after they finish making out eww "Bye Luke" she say into there hug "Good luck girls" he screams as we we get in our car "Alright we will leave at 4:30 too get to your cousins " I say as we kept driving "Yep" I nod as we arrive at her house " I just gotta make a call" She mutter as we go in side     Tara pov Phone call Me- hi Niall Niall- hi love what's up Me-are you free tonite and tomorrow Niall- I'm sorry love I'm not, why you ask Me- oh don't worry Niall- I'm really sorry Me- its all good well I got to go bye love you Niall- love you too End of convo     I really wanted him to come "Alright you ready to go" Caitlin said as she walked into my room "Yeh you ready" I ask "As ready as I'll ever be" she says with a laugh y "Let's go" I say as we skip off to the car
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