Girls in a Boy Band?

Caitlin and Tara had always been friends.. but when they audition to be back up dancers for the biggest boy band ever things start to change... will they always be Best Friends? Or will boys get in the way of their friendship?


5. chapter 4


Tara's pov Fuck where am I, omg my head what the hell, I feel sick where's the bathroom I run to a room and hope for the best good a toilet here it comes.   Niall's pov , I heard vomiting while I was cooking or attempting to cook pancakes and turned everything off and ran upstairs to see Tara vomiting in the toilet I went and held her hair back while slowly rubbing her back   Tara's pov I felt someone rubbing my back and holding my hair back ... Niall, now it's coming to me jake and the girl and Niall and the park he's such a sweetheart. As I sit up he passes me a bottle of mouthwash and my toothbrush and tooth paste "thanks" I whisper as I take the stuff from him. After I finished my business I look up too Niall " thank you for everything babe I don't know what I would of done without you" I say as I give him a long hug. "Come on i've made breakfast well atleast attempted too" he laughed, as we headed down stairs   Caitlin's pov I wake up and remember I'm at Niall's. I go downstairs and see Niall and Tara giggling and laughing. When Niall notices me he waves me over " here I made pancakes" he says as he passes me a plate of pancakes. "Thanks" I say as I sit down at the able. "So girls when your finished go upstairs and go get ready cause we have a long trip ahead" Niall says. "Are you taking us home" I ask "yep" both him and Tara answer than start laughing.   Niall's pov *After breakfast* Tara comes down stairs in black heels, little ripped shots with a leopard print on one side under the pocket and a little black bra top, she looks stunning. Then comes down Caitlin wearing a white v-neck and some black shorts with balck vans. she looks equally stunning too. "Alright we ready to go" I ask. "Yep" they both reply with   *after car ride back to Galway* "And take a left here" Tara instructs. Wow look at the house would ya it's massive. "Do you wanna come inside Niall" Tara asks "Has much as I'd love too I can't i have to be home in time to pick my parents up from the airport" I comment still in awe "Oh that's a Shame" Caitlin says " well get out the car and give us a hug then" I hear Tara laugh "Alright alright" I jump out and go give Caitlin A hug " here's my number" Caitlin whispered into the hug and we exchanged numbers I went and gave Tara a long hug " Niall thank you so much for everything I don't even know where I'd be if it wasn't for you babe thanks a million" Tara whispers to me " It's all good love" I whisper into her hair. We exchange numbers than I'm off .        
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