Girls in a Boy Band?

Caitlin and Tara had always been friends.. but when they audition to be back up dancers for the biggest boy band ever things start to change... will they always be Best Friends? Or will boys get in the way of their friendship?


1. Intro

Tara Jones
You can love me or hate me i swear it wont make me or break me
So about me
Im 16 years young
Love life love my bestest friend in the whole entire world caitlin
Blonde hair blue eyes
Australian and irish
Moved to Ireland when was 14
I love: fairy floss
           Guys that can play guitar perferably blonde hair blue eyes but if ur hot ur hot
           Manchester united                                                      
           My doggy cooper
           Justice crew
           Reece mastin
I hate: green and brown
           And stuck ups

so wht evz yolo jks so sik of that saying by the way im hell loud and love to party sooooooo  party hard <3

peace out xxxxxx

Caitlin Kurt

 I love my bestest friend on earth Tara
Im a bit more reserved you could say compared to her but i still loove her shes so crazy
Anway about me
Im 17
Blonde hair
Blue eyes
I love: tara
          supeheroes (im a bit of nerd like that sshhhh!!!!)                                                               FOOD

I hate:drinking
          Seeing Tara go out with all the dicks of the school
Anyway i gtg Study i hate it but u kno wat i hate more how Tara does so good but never studies but i work my arse off just to get remotely close to her
bye xxx:)  


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