Up until her sixteenth birthday, Sara had been nothing but good with the exception of her friends. But even her friends didn't go as far as taking her clubbing with a fake ID until she felt the need to prove the good part of herself wrong. Sneak out nights never end well, & on May 22nd, it isn't getting caught drunk by parents.. It's worse. & unfortunate of all, she's with Rizwan, her long-ago-crush but somewhat friend, who switched schools for a year but just came back. Shy, mysterious, & unpredictable.. can he keep a secret?


1. Finally 16

"Mom, I'm going to Aliza's house now! Kay? Bye!" Sara screamed to her mom, while adding final touches to her make-up. She grabbed her phone & fifty dollars & locked the door. There was Aliza's car with Aliza smiling at her from the inside.

"Wow hot stuff, happy birthday" She joked at her.

"Thanks haha, I'm so excited!" She giggled, texting her friends Austin, Emily, & Daniel.

They were all meeting up at Alizaa's house, then heading off to a club.. Sara Emily's first club to be exact.

The whole ride to Aliza's house, Sara talked about how much fun it would be & how many guys she would flirt with, while Aliza rolled her eyes. It felt like forever until they finally reached Aliza's house. Everyone was already there, four other cars parked outside. They would only be taking three; Aliza's was gonna stay.

Aliza opened the door & everyone screamed happy birthday.

Afterwards, they all sat down & just stared at her..

***Sara's POV***

I sat down on the couch & then realized everyone was staring at me with huge smiles on their faces.

"Guess who we brought" Austin chimed, giving me an evil smile.

"Um.. I don't know haha, you're so creepy" I joked with him.

"Rizwan! He came for your birthday!" Everyone smiled. Then walked out a smiling Rizwan.

He was wearing a large grey hoodie, dark blue almost-skinny jeans & black vans. His hair was messy, like he had gone through it alot, his eyes were as hazel as ever, his skin tanner than I remembered, & his perfect smile, that made me melt.

My smile slowly turned into nothing.

He came closer to me, stopping right in front of me to say "Happy birthday Sara"

He smiled again, coming in for a hug... But I stepped back, right before he could.

Everyone was looking at me, obviously shocked by what I had just done.

But he left me, just left me like I didn't matter, even though I loved him. I knew he didn't love me because of the river of girls that kept coming & going, but still, did I not matter at all?

My heart was breaking all over again & I was going to cry.

He seemed hurt & I hated to hurt him still, so I choked back the tears & said "Why are you here?" without any emotion.

"I-I.. uh.. um" He stuttered, a thing he does when he's really nervous. He was looking at me, the smile vanishing from his face. He stopped speaking all together, staring into my eyes. I tried not to break by staring on the wall behind him.

"He's here for YOUR birthday. And he's coming back to school" Austin said, trying to cheer everyone up once again.

Why? I asked myself, wishing I was dead.

"Oh.. okay, cool" I said coolly, & walked away. He stood there for a few seconds, taking the whole situation in.

After ten minutes of just talking, we all got into the cars & drove off. Before leaving, I realized that one of the cars were Rizwan's.

When we got to the club, we all took out our fake IDs & got out of the cars.

"We're going to a club for Sara's birthday?!" Rizwan gasped. The way he said my name still made me crazy, but I was done with him, even if it killed me.

"Yeah, it was her idea" Daniel replied.

"Wow, she's changed alot" The way he said it made me want to die even more. He was judging me, getting a hold of my emotions again. Why did he have to be there?

We got inside & Austin, Emily & Aliza went off somewhere else, knowing not to be around me when I'm pissed.

"Well, this is awkward. I'm gonna go dance" He winked & left.

I was alone with Rizwan.

Except now being alone with him was the same as being alone with a spider.. I was gonna ignore him & stay as far away from contact with him as possible..

He was sitting two seats away from me but moved right next to me, looking at me & smiling, trying to forget what happened at Aliza's house.

I ignored him & ordered something random, just to seem cool.

When I got what I ordered, I took it in my hands & smelled it. It smelled like alcohol & fruit, two things I hated but was willing to try.

"Sara" Rizwan said, making me jump & look at him.

"What" I said impatiently.

"Don't" He was staring at the drink in my hands.

I don't care about you, I screamed at him in my mind.. But I knew something that would be worse, actually drinking it.

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