Just Go With It (One Direction Version)

(By the way, Harry's suppose to be about 20 in this fanfic.) Harry was one of those guys that lied to women to hook up with them just for the night. He tells them he's married to a cruel wife and that they might be getting a divorce.
His plan to get women gets ruined when a woman asks to meet his "wife". He makes up a plan and goes to his friend Jessica for help. He asks her to be her pretend wife. When she finally accepts, the plan goes it's way.
Harry starts to have feelings for Jessica instead of the woman. What will happen when Harry decides to get married to the woman when he loves Jessica?


1. Prologue

"So," I say before taking a sip of my drink. "you're getting married to her?"

He nods. "Yep," he stretches the 'p', making it have a small popping sound. "it's okay though. I mean, we are getting a divorce." he laughs at his own joke.

I fake laugh and nod. "Hope you actually love the chick and don't break her poor little heart," I add a bit of sarcasm at the end.

He laughs slowly, stirring his drink with the straw awkwardly. "Yeah."

Kate walks up with her own drink and a huge smile on her face. "Hey, baby," she sits on Harry's lap. "I can't wait to be married to you tomorrow." 

I roll my eyes before looking down at my drink. "Can't wait either!" Harry yells a bit too enthusiastic that it sounds really fake. Of course, the blonde bimbo on his lap doesn't notice and just smiles widely at him. Idiot. 

Why do I feel so jealous? I'm just here to be his fake wife, not his actual wife or girlfriend. I shouldn't be jealous. Oh, who cares. I can't do anything about their relationship and that their getting married. I shouldn't even care about it. It's his choice. He just used me to get a girl, I shouldn't of expected it to go any further than that. I guess I did. 

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