Just Go With It (One Direction Version)

(By the way, Harry's suppose to be about 20 in this fanfic.) Harry was one of those guys that lied to women to hook up with them just for the night. He tells them he's married to a cruel wife and that they might be getting a divorce.
His plan to get women gets ruined when a woman asks to meet his "wife". He makes up a plan and goes to his friend Jessica for help. He asks her to be her pretend wife. When she finally accepts, the plan goes it's way.
Harry starts to have feelings for Jessica instead of the woman. What will happen when Harry decides to get married to the woman when he loves Jessica?


4. "I need to ask you something." - Chapter 3

I woke up to the sun shining in my blue eyes. I hate it when the sun shines directly into my eyes. It burns my eyes. Damn sun. When I looked around, I instantly remembered where I was. This is Harry's room. Clothes scattered everywhere, even a bra hanging on the door handle. Nice. I tried standing up but an arm pulled me back down. I looked over at the body next to me and notice the familiar curls. 

"Harry, wake up," I whisper loudly, shaking him. He just groans and lays there. "Harry, get up!" I pick up the pillow next to me and smash it right in his face. 

"Ow, what the hell?" he shouts, throwing the pillow back at me. 

"Get up, you sleepyhead. I have to get home," I finally stand up. Before walking around, I looked around the floor. So many dirty clothes and other things laying around. How am I suppose to walk through this maze of gross things?

"Why do you have to leave? Can't you stay?" Harry asks in his raspy, sleepy voice. Damn, he has a sexy voice. 

"Why do you want me to stay, Harry?" I ask. I wait for a response but there was nothing but silence. "Harry? Can you answer m-" I get cut off by arms wrapping around my waist, pulling me backwards. I let out a small scream. 

"Shh, it's okay," Harry chuckles as he runs his fingers through my hair. "It's just me."

A small smile creeps on my face. "Fine, I'll stay."

                                                               *    *    * 

I sit down on the wooden chair in the dining room. "What's for breakfast, Harold?"

He opens a cabinet and takes out some pancake mix. "Pancakes!" he shouts like a little kid would have.

I laugh at how stupid he looks, but the laugh fades a bit and turns into a fake laugh. I've been down lately since Harry doesn't realize that I have feelings for him. The boy is so clueless. 

"Jessica," Harry mutters under his breath, putting the pancake mix down on the table. "I need to ask you something."

I start getting nervous and nod quickly. "Sure, what is it?" I ask, saying it a bit too fast. When I get nervous, I tend to say things quickly. 

"So, I found this girl at the club and she asked me if she could meet my 'wife'. Since I don't actually have a wife, will you be my pretend wife?"

I sigh in relief and a bit of heartbreak. He found someone. "Are you serious, Harry? You want me to pretend to be your fake wife that you made up to get girls?"

He just nods and grins weakly at me. "Yep!"

I sigh once again and shake my head. "Fuck it. Whatever. I'll do it."

Harry smiles and jumps up once. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" he shouts before bending down slightly to hug me. 

I hug back tight. This is going to be hard for me. You know, being my crush's pretend wife so he can get with a pretty girl. I can't believe I said yes to this. 


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