Just Go With It (One Direction Version)

(By the way, Harry's suppose to be about 20 in this fanfic.) Harry was one of those guys that lied to women to hook up with them just for the night. He tells them he's married to a cruel wife and that they might be getting a divorce.
His plan to get women gets ruined when a woman asks to meet his "wife". He makes up a plan and goes to his friend Jessica for help. He asks her to be her pretend wife. When she finally accepts, the plan goes it's way.
Harry starts to have feelings for Jessica instead of the woman. What will happen when Harry decides to get married to the woman when he loves Jessica?


2. "Harry, you're an idiot." - Chapter 1

Harry smiles at the blonde idiot over at the tree near the swings. Why is he such a man slut? I don't even have the answer for that. Sad, I know. The blonde starts twirling her own hair in a flirtatious way. Of course! The chick twirls her hair at the exact same time as all the others do. It's part of his stupid plan. 

"I'll talk to you later," Harry tells her while he lays his hand on her shoulder slowly. Her eyes widen and she grins. Knowing she's freaking out inside, I roll my eyes. 

"Bye," Harry begins walking towards me with an annoyed look. "Don't like her," he says, sitting next to me. 

"Don't like her? She's a hot blonde and you're saying don't like her?" I explain, pretending to be surprised that he didn't like her.

"Oh, shut up. I can hear the sarcasm in your voice," he tells me, sounding very pissed off. 

I put my mouth in a 'o' shape. "Someone's in a bad mood today."

"Well, I can't find the right girl to-"

"Fuck?" I finish the sentence. He stares at me with that pissed expression he already had. "Come on Harry, we all know you find different girls every day just so you can.. have fun with them."

"No, I don't!" he scoffs. "I'm looking for that girl who wouldn't care if I left in the morning and called me to see if I wanted to go out on a date to get to know each other." 

"Like any girl is even like that," I play with my fingers, looking at them, but look back up. "Harry, no girl would not care if a guy leaves in the morning right after they had sex. Girls get disappointed  about how that guy was just their one night stand."

"How would you know that?"

"I'm a girl," I motion to my body with a small smirk. 

"Yeah, but you never have one night stands so you don't know what it feels like," he explains to me. He was right. I've never had a one night stand in my entire life and I don't feel like having one. 

"True, but my sister goes through a lot of them so I know how it feels because of that. BOOM!" I slap his arm, laughing. I always do that when ever I prove that something I say is right.

"I hate you."

"Hate you too," I say before hugging him. "Harry, you're an idiot," I hug him tighter. "But I love you."

He laughs and hugs back. "I love you too, Jessie." 

Me and Harry have been friends for a long time. We're like best friends. He's the idiot and I'm the smart one. It's the perfect combination. Even though I need to help Harry with tons of relationship advise (that he never listens to), we do a lot of friend-like things. Going to the park was our thing until he saw that beach blonde bimbo that he was talking to earlier. Now, it's his new place to get girls. Great. Another one of our places ruined. 

Harry doesn't realize that I have a crush on him but I'm fine with it. He needs to go on with his life and I do to. Being with him would just ruin my future. You know, being with a total man slut, player, and all those things. He might teach our kids how to be a player and slut. Not cool. 

I guess I should keep my feelings bottled up forever. But, that's life, right? Life's a bitch. 


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