Just Go With It (One Direction Version)

(By the way, Harry's suppose to be about 20 in this fanfic.) Harry was one of those guys that lied to women to hook up with them just for the night. He tells them he's married to a cruel wife and that they might be getting a divorce.
His plan to get women gets ruined when a woman asks to meet his "wife". He makes up a plan and goes to his friend Jessica for help. He asks her to be her pretend wife. When she finally accepts, the plan goes it's way.
Harry starts to have feelings for Jessica instead of the woman. What will happen when Harry decides to get married to the woman when he loves Jessica?


3. "Going to the club again, huh?" - Chapter 2

"Harry, where are you?" I shout across the room as I walk into his flat. It's about 9 o'clock and we had plans made for tonight. I'm expecting him to cancel last minute, but I came anyways. 

"In here, Jess!" I hear his raspy voice yell from his room. I sigh and quickly walk to the door. Braise yourself, Jessica. 

I peek in slightly. "You decent?" 

I hear him chuckle. "Yes, I'm decent. There's nothing in here that you might puke over."

I roll my eyes and walk in. Harry was in his club clothes. I sigh. "Going to the club again, huh?" I ask, kind of disappointed that he might of forgotten about our plans.

He nods with a smirk on his face as he looks down to fix his belt. When he looks up at me, his smirk fades. "What's wrong?"

The anger inside of me grew. "What's wrong? You forget all about our plans to hang out at your place and watch stupid movies and you ask me what's wrong? You know, I should be asking you that question! You always blow off our plans to go screw some random chick, maybe accidentally get her pregnant, and it's getting annoying, Harry," I explain. He opens his mouth but I keep talking. "I'm sick and tired of this, Harry! I think I'm just going to leave," I fiddle around with my jacket that's in my arms. "Bye, Harry."

As I begin walking away, I can hear footsteps behind me. "Don't follow me!" I shout, while walking faster. I feel his cold hand grab my wrist and spin me around. 

His hot breath blew in my face, making me shiver slightly. "I'm sorry, Jessica. I'm just looking for the right girl to be with."

I groan slightly. "Well, how about tonight we just have fun, and not in the way you're thinking of."

He chuckles and lets go of me. "Fine," he begins walking to the living room. "What movie do you want to watch?"

                                                                         *    *    * 

At this point, I have my head on his shoulder and he has his arm pretty much wrapped around me. What? It's cold here! 

"I better get going," I say in a sad tone. I actually didn't want to go.

"How about you stay over? Nothing sexual will happen, I promise," he tells me, laughing.



"Okay, I'll stay."


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