A Thousand Years

"Can I ask you something?" I asked Harry. "Sure anything." Harry answers. "How long have you loved me?" I asked looking into those beautiful emerald eyes. "Since the first grade...but it feels like I have loved you for a thousand years." He said. I smiled. He returned it and then kissed me under the stars.


2. Yeah, So can I have yo Numba?!?!

~Harry's POV~

Kate and I were walking aroung the mall just goofing around. We had these people come up to us and ask where the princess was?

"Where is the princess?" The one boy dressed as mario asked. I looked at him stargley.

"Oh my god are you JOSHTHECOMPUTERNERD01?" Kate asked really fast.

"Yeah I am." He said. She started fangirling.

"Omg I love your videos!" She gushed. He blushed and looked down.

"Thank you, so i was thinkin...... CAN I HAVE YO NUMBBA?" Josh asked.

"Uh sure!" Kate said taking out her phone and handing it to him. They swaped numbers and he left.

"He seems nice." I coughed awkwardly. She nodded.

"He has got to be the best reciter/parody/adventure maker on youtube!" She explained. I smiled.

"So you hungry?" I asked. She nodded and we headed to a taco stand! I love how she knows me so well.

~20 minutes later~

~Kate's POV~

I've been walking with Harry and my feet are killing me. He seems off today though. I wonder why though.

"Hazza, you ok?" I asked. He smiled down at me.

"Im fine, why?" He asked.

"Because you have been acting kind of strange." I said looking down.

"I'm fine Kate, nothing to worry about." He smiled and took my hand leading me to Claire's. I smiled. I loves this store. We walked in and the first thing I see are couple things, like; sweatshirts, shirts, braclets,keychain,and necklaces. I always wanted a relationship like that. some people call it corny but I call it love. Harry lead me over to the Bestfriend section. We have almost everything though. from Bracelets to necklaces to keychains. I looked through the necklaces and saw theYin/yand necklaces. Harry wears them under his shirt and i wear mine all the time. I showed Harry and he smiled.

"I think those are the only ones we don't have." He laughed. I giggled.

"Me too, shall we?" I asked. He smiled and nodded. after about ten minutes of fighting over who pay's I won! I can't believe I have a bestfriend like Him!


(a/n: sorry for not updating, ive been busy. sorry it is bad also but better chapter later)



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