Summer Dreams (Harry Styles)

As I stare into his bright emerald eyes boring into my bright pricing blue ones I felt a warm tear slip down my rosy cheek. The rushy of the leaves blowing in the wind, my light brown hair flying in my face sticking to the salty tear stains on my cheeks. My eyes snapped to the dirty gravel ground under my light brown ankle high boots. Kicking a rock to the side, I take a step closer to the Cheshire, emerald green eyed, curly haired, dimple face, 20 year old boy standing less than a foot away from me. My eyes scanned up to his face, Looking over his face expression; hurt, love, lust. Starring into his eyes I realized the pain, love, and laughs we've been though. "Harry I...I think I'm in love with you" I whispered, his cold long skinny light pink fingers cupping my chin in a gentle matter as he looked me dead in the eyes and said "I've loved you since the start" before crashing his warm full pink lips onto mine


6. Chapter 6

So I haven't updated in like years here's an update. In this chapter you'll get why Demi doesn't like Harry as much as she used to. 



Her long silk dark brown hair falling in wavy around her tiny shoulders, and back. Her light grey eyes staring up at the chocolate brown hair, deep green eyes, dimple boy staring down at her with a big smirk on his face. The tears sting in her eyes as her bottom lip quivered, the little boy above her chuckled before flicking her in the side of the head. The little boy's eyes filled with evil while he took a small step back from the little girl sitting on the cold, muddy ground. Her pink little skirt getting covered in mud, her white shirt slightly showing her small little tummy, and her pink headband with the little bow on it, falling off her head as the tears came rolling down her rosy cheeks. "Aw she's crying, little baby" The boy laughed in her face before picking up a hand full of mud, throwing it in the little girls face getting it all over the cute little face, in her mouth and even some in her eyes. With that the little boy stalked off laughing his head off. And she thought she and him where friends, that's what he acted like but now she's just confused. The same little boy that smiled at her everyday during the summer break. The same boy that the seven year old little girl started to like. The same boy that bullied her since that day on. 

That Summer (Before it all happened)

"Demii look, Demii look at me! I'm flying" Harry said as his chocolate brown curls flue all over his face covering his deep green eyes laughing his head off as he ran around the small backyard with a long red cape attached to his back. Demii looked up from her spot on the swings, watched as Harry ran around the yard with a big guffie grin on his face. "Harry! Harry you're goin-" Demii was cut off by the sound of Harry hitting the fence, falling to the ground. The cape falling over his head, he pulled the cape off his head and turned to look over at Demii as his bottom lip started to quiver before he burst into tears. 

After a few minutes of Harry sitting there crying, Demii not knowing what to do. She got up and made her way over to the boy, sat down next to him pulling him into her famous big bear hug, letting him cry on her shoulder. "Thank Demii, You know I love you right?" Harry's Cheschire accent rang into her ears. "Yes. I love you too, Harry" She whispered back before giving him a kiss on the lips. The kiss on the lips to them was the same as a kiss on the check but they wanted to make it more special. More important. More loving. A kiss on the lips. 

Seven Years Later (Age 14)

"Demii!! What the hell are you doing in my seat?!?" Yelled Harry as he made his way over to the same long silk dark brown hair, light grey eyes little girl that was now almost all grown up. She just acted like she didn't hear him. Harry just stood there with a smirk forming on his lips as a plan formed in his head. He looked over at the plastic water bottle sitting on the desk in front of Demii. Harry stepped toward the desk with the water bottle before stanching it in his right hand, undoing the plastic white cap, tipping it over Demii' head sending her in shock. Her eyes locked with Harry's before standing up and punching him dead right on the nose making him stumble backward, grabbing his nose as the blood gushed out, down his face. "Demii to the office!!" Yelled Mr. William as he fixed his square black glasses probed up on the bridge of his nose. His brown eyes filled with angry as they locked with Demii' "But Mr. Wil-" "No But! Office now!" He yelled as Harry snickered from beside her. "And Harry go to the nurse and get your nose fixed up before coming back here" Mr. William spoke more softly to Harry. Demii grabbed her blinder, pencil case off the desk before pushing past Harry, muttering to him "I hope you got what you wanted. Now fuck off" 

Two Years Later (Age 16)

"Nerd Word Girl! Aren't you excited?" Harry lightly slapped Demii across the face, making Demii flinch in pain. "For what? You to get your ass kicked off X- Factor for your voice being so bad, me laughing my face off." Demii lightly chuckled as she stuffed her books into light blue tall locker, putting her dark purple backpack over her left shoulder as she shut her locker, put the lock back on it before walking out of the school to not only hear Harry answer but to be pushed down the grey pavement stair and hitting her head on the railing on her way down. Everything became a bur to Demii as the blood rushed out of her head. The head, whispers from the people around her. Harry stood at the top of the stairs staring down at the girl laying flat out on the pavement with the blood mixed with her hair. Something clicked inside Harry before he made a mad dash down the stair and slowly picking Demii up bridle style. "Someone call an ambulance!" Harry shouted as he looked down at Demii. His eyes locking with hers as she whispered "I love you, Harry always have always will" Before passing out. The blood smearing across Harry's arm, shoulder. 

The sound of sirens, the bright blue and red flashing lights of the ambulance pulling up the the of the road, two men and a woman hopping out of the ambulance running to where Harry stood holding a past out Demii. "Is this the girl?" The woman asked as the men got out the stretcher for the ambulance. Harry nodded. Harry laid Demii down on the nice white sheeted stretcher. "What's your name, sir?" She asked. "Harry, Harry Styles" He answered as the men put Demii in the ambulance. "Do you know her? And what's her name?" "Yes I do I've known her since I was born. Demetira Snicken" Harry whispered. "Okay thank you" The woman ran off to the ambulance. 

Demii woke up a few days later to only have 12 stitches all around her head, small headache but nothing much. Her mother never told her who grabbed her when she pasted out. All she remember was a burry face and her saying 'I love you' and a name, something else. But Demii was glad that Harry wouldn't be at school on monday due to X- Factor. A small smile appeared on Demii' lips as she remembered no more teasing, tainting, bulling. For the first time in years she felt safe but that can only last for a little bit. 

New chapter. What did you think? I really badly wanted to do a flashback but I didn't know what should happen but I came up with this so yeah. I hope you like if. I just noticed how hard it is to get fans like holy shit. (Sorry I have a huge sailors mouth)  Vote Comment Fan And Check Out My Other Books As Well. Thanks Love You All <3

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