Summer Dreams (Harry Styles)

As I stare into his bright emerald eyes boring into my bright pricing blue ones I felt a warm tear slip down my rosy cheek. The rushy of the leaves blowing in the wind, my light brown hair flying in my face sticking to the salty tear stains on my cheeks. My eyes snapped to the dirty gravel ground under my light brown ankle high boots. Kicking a rock to the side, I take a step closer to the Cheshire, emerald green eyed, curly haired, dimple face, 20 year old boy standing less than a foot away from me. My eyes scanned up to his face, Looking over his face expression; hurt, love, lust. Starring into his eyes I realized the pain, love, and laughs we've been though. "Harry I...I think I'm in love with you" I whispered, his cold long skinny light pink fingers cupping my chin in a gentle matter as he looked me dead in the eyes and said "I've loved you since the start" before crashing his warm full pink lips onto mine


5. Chapter 5


I woke up to someone poking my cheek. I hit the hand away but they kept poking me. I groaned. "Stop poking me" I moaned.

"Get up then" A british accent said. WAIT I last time I checked I didn't have any British friends. I peel my eyes open, stare at the person as my eyes adjest to the light. 

"Harry how did you get in my flat?" I asked while I pull the covers over my head.

"Uh I don't know the window maybe! oh wait you can't go threw the window cause your too high up." He said sarcastically

"Oh Okay"I smiled from under the covers.

"Where am I?"

"Oh you where on the couch but I moved you to your bed like three hours ago" 

"Wait what were you doing here three hours ago?" I questioned 

"I was coming to wake you so you could come with us to an interview but you wouldn't wake up" I heard the smirk in his voice.

"You didn't try to rape me did you?" I asked

"No why would I do that?"  He asked

"Uh I don't cause maybe your an idiot" I smirked as I pulled the covers off me. I hop out of bed and run out of my room, into the living room only to find four other boys sitting on my couch.

"What the fuck are you doing in my flat?" I yawned.

"Harry told us to come" The blonde one answered I nodded, made my way to the kitchen. I made myself a cup of hot choclate before Harry came walking in.

"Harry why the hell did you four other boys with you?" I whispered yelled at him while he hopped up on the counter infront of him. He smiled down at me. 

"Cause I can" I glared at him.

"I hate you, you know"

"I love you too, you know" He mockered me. I shocke my head as I tooko a sip of my hot choclate.

"What ya drinking" He asked while hopping off the counter and grabbing my cup and taking a sip.

"Oh hot choclate mmm" He walked out of the kitchen with MY hot choclate in his hands. 

"Harry give me back MY hot choclate right now" I yelled and chase him in to the living room. He took a seat next to the blonde haired boy and the brown hair, blue eyed boy. I walk over to Harry, sit on his lap while taking my hot choclate back. He just pouted.

"You know Harry I always get my stuff back and yes that means hot choclate" I smiled, took a sip of my coco. 

"Sooo who are you? Cause I have no idea what your names are other then Harry's" I stated

"I'm Liam that's Niall the blonde one, Louis next to you lads, Zayn the one looking at himself" Liam said. I nodded.

"Well I'm Demetria but you can call me demi or dem-o-bomb or whatever you lads come up with" I smiled at the nickname Harry made up for me.

"Hey you still use that nickname I made for you" Harry laughed. 

"So want to get to know each other?" Niall's irish accent rang out. There was a some'yea's , 'yes's the there was me 'oh fuck to the yeah!' Yuppiers I'm the odd one out but that was till Louis yelled 'We are playing truth or dare!!' 

"Truth Or Dare Right?" Zayn asked, Louis nodded. 

"Okay Liam Truth or dare?" Louis asked

"Truth" he  answered

 "Okay have you ever flat ironed harry's hair before?" Lou asked

"Yeah"  He laughed.

"Demetira truth or dare?" Liam asked me.

"Dare" I simply answer

"Okay I dare you to...prank call one of your friends or someone is one of our contacts" Liam smirked. What he doesn't know is I prank call people all the time I'm so good at this. 

"Phone please" I stick out my hand for someone to put their phone in. Harry placed his phone on my hand. I unlock his phone. I go to contacts. I go down the page. I stop at Justin Bieber. I click his name and change it so he can't tell it's Harry calling. I put the phone on speaker. It rings three times before he answered.

"Hello?" Justin asked into the phone, I smirk.

"Yes hello Eric Walters?" I nicely ask

"I'm sorry it's not, You must have the wrong number" He said into the phone

" No,no ,no I'm sure I have the right number I know it's you Eric stop playing tricks on me it's not funny anymore" I said stopping him before he hung up. The boys here snickering.

"Uh miss you have the wrong number"

"Eric I swear to god if you don't stop with this trick of yours, I'm never having sex with you again" I hissed into the phone.

"You. Have. The. Wrong. Numb-"

"Shut and kiss me Harry I'm sure Eric will not care if I'm kissing another man" I yelled out to Harry.

"Go head and kiss this 'Harry' I'm not Eric I don't give a shit" He half yelled into the phone.

"Oh god Harry, harder, Faster Oh, Oh, HARRY!!" I screamed into the phone as I wait to hear what Justin says

"I'm going to hang up I'm not Eric" Justin yelled sounding very angry.

"But Eric your my hubby and I need my hubby" I fake cry.

"Oh I'm sorry but I'm not Eric" Justin said clamly into the phone


"Ughhh" "Justin

"You just got prank called my moi and the rest of One Direction" I laugh

"I don't believe you" He said "Hi Justin" The boy yell into the phone.

"Okay hey, who are you?" Justin said hi to the boys.

"Oh I'm the bitch from here, there, everywhere" I smiled.

"Hey your the girl I had sex with when I was on tour in Toronto" He laughed 

"Yup that's me" I laughed. The boys just gasped at me. 

"It was nice talking to you again Justin see ya" 

"See ya my bitch" With that I hung up, hand Harry his phone back. 

"You had sex with Justin what the fuck?" Niall yelled. I laugh as did the rest of the boys. 


After we all went once in the game it Louis' turn. Louis turned to me with an evil grin placed on his lips. "Demibears truth or dare?" He grinned


"I dare you play Seven Minutes in heaven with Harry plus there has to be a kiss if not you too get to sleep in the tub tonight together" Lou smirked. I shrug as I stood up grabbing Harry's hand and pullingh him into the closest closet. I open the door, walk in shuting the door behind Harry.

"Hello m'lady"

"Hello good sir"

With that Harry crashed his lips down on mine like he did the other night. I kiss back, put my arms around his neck. He grabbed my legs pulling me up so I can rap my legs around his waist. He pulled back and started kissing my neck. I put my head facing upwards so he can get more of my neck. He kissed up my neck, down my jawline donw to my lips again. I run my fingers throw his curly hair. Smiling as I do so. I run my right hand down to the end of his shirt, pull it over his head and throw it on the ground. He did the same. I hop down not breaking the kiss as I try to get his belt and pants off. He pulled back and undid the belt as I finish stripping down till I was fully naked. Harry took off his pants and boxers. I look down, Smile. He pushed me up against the wall to the closet crashing his lips onto mine. I could feel his tip at my entrance. 

"Uh Harry put it in" I moaned in a whisper. 

Harry smirked while he shoved his hard dick into me. I was used to the pain by now so he started thrusting into me as fast as he could. I buckle my hips to met his. "God Harry!" I whispered. I felt the famliar feeling in the bottom of my stomach telling me I was coming. "Faster Harry. I'm almost there" "Me too babe" As Harry said that I felt his dick twitch and cum all inside me as I come to. Harry pulled out and grabbed our cloths off the floor as a timer went off. We rush to put on our cloths. We finish just in time. I crash my lips to his again as the door opened. 

"EW SHUT THE DOOR. I'M GOING TO BE BLIND. HARRY I THOUGHT WE HAD SOMETHING" Lou yelled. I apart from Harry, smirk. I walk out of the closet. I walk back into the room and take a seat me and Harry were in before. Harry walked in, sat down on my lap. 

"Harry get off me" I yelled as I tried to push him off me. 

"I thought you'd be dying to be close to him from all 'FASTER HARRY I'M ALMOST THERE' " Lou mickered

"OH GOD DEMETRIA ME TOO BABE FASTER" Zayn yelled as him and lou started moaning our names. 

"Oh so you lads names are 'Demetria' and 'Harry' oh god you lads are gay. Lad sitting on my lap did you know this?" I asked Harry 

"No I did not" He laughed. I gained a high five from Liam, Niall, Harry. 

'Okay cool I'm gay with 'Harry' aka Lou and Niall and Liam are gay and Demetria and 'lad sitting on my lap' are gay as well oh shit there is a lot of gay people here" Zayn smirked 

"Oh my god I know lets just have a gay party with just us" I said in a high pitched guy voice. 

"We should" Louis said in a girly guy voice. I burst out laughing. I end up crying from laughing so hard, having my head on Harry's back. 

"Aw look you made her cry. She's dying" Harry yelled as I start choking. Don't ask how I started chocking from laughing and crying it's just that I can't breath. 

"Oh god what do we do?" Niall asked. 

"Harry kiss her" Louis yelled at harry. Harry smacked his lips on mine. I stopped chocking and kiss him back.

"Stop with the PDA Jeez" Nial said. I pull back from harry. 

'That worked" I smirk at him, harry nodded. 




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