Summer Dreams (Harry Styles)

As I stare into his bright emerald eyes boring into my bright pricing blue ones I felt a warm tear slip down my rosy cheek. The rushy of the leaves blowing in the wind, my light brown hair flying in my face sticking to the salty tear stains on my cheeks. My eyes snapped to the dirty gravel ground under my light brown ankle high boots. Kicking a rock to the side, I take a step closer to the Cheshire, emerald green eyed, curly haired, dimple face, 20 year old boy standing less than a foot away from me. My eyes scanned up to his face, Looking over his face expression; hurt, love, lust. Starring into his eyes I realized the pain, love, and laughs we've been though. "Harry I...I think I'm in love with you" I whispered, his cold long skinny light pink fingers cupping my chin in a gentle matter as he looked me dead in the eyes and said "I've loved you since the start" before crashing his warm full pink lips onto mine


3. Chapter 3

Demetria's Pov

Why do I even drink? 

I asked myself as the light in the room hit my face, I pulled the covers up and above my head. My back hit another body. I knew i was going to end up in someone else's bed. I peel open my eyes while i turn around to face this person. I look into their Very very familar green eyes. The person smirked. That's even i started to remember last night and the person a little more. Oh shit. I had to sleep with him out of everyone that was at the bar last night. Really? I get up while grabbing my cloths and slipping them on. I tried to get out before Harry got up to stop me. 

"Love, I missed you, you know that?" He said as I put on my high heels. I turn around while smirking.

"Aww Harry you missed me while fuck you" I said the first part in a baby voice. 

"I already did" He laugh

"Oh my fucking god" i muttered as i turn back around and walking out of his room. I walked throw the hotel. As I walked past the kitchen I started to hear some whispered. I stopped walking and walked into the kitchen. 

"So boys what's up?" I asked taking Niall's banana out of his hand and taking a bit

"That's my banana" He cried 

"To bad so sad" I smirked 

"Harry get you girlfriend to give me back my banana" Niall yelled, I spit out MY banana all over the kitchen counter, Niall.

"Me and Harry ARE NOT dating" I reassured him.

"While it looks like it" He muttered uder his breath

I pick up the banana pieces i spit out and placed it in his hair. I whipped my hand on his t-shirt after. I look threw my hand bag for my phone. 

"Looking for this?" Someone said behind me. Harry.  I turned around looking straight into Harry's green eyes. I look at what he's holding. My phone. I tried to grab it but he holds it higher in the air. 

"Harry i swear to god if you don't give me my phone back I'm gunna...." I tried to think of what i would do.

"Gunna what?" He asked 

"I'm gunna chop off you ball and give them to a random fan of yours. I'm sure she would be happy" I said thinking of how happy she would be with harry's balls. 

"You would never to that your to much of a chicken" He laughed. While he was laughing I grabbed my phone, punched him in the balls and walked away with a smirk on my face.

"Next time you take my phone I'm going to kick your ass" I yelled before i shut the hotel door. I unlocked my phone and quickly called Jess.

"Hey Jess can you come pick me up" I asked as soon as she picked up here phone.

"Yeah sure, but tell me who you slept with" she answered

"Harry Styles" I spoke with a puke voice 

"Did you just say Harry Styles?" She asked. She is going to be freaking out for the next hour if i say yes.

'No I slept with Ed Sheeran" I laughed 

"Just tell me" She yelled into the phone. I pressed the button to the elevator.

"No really I did" I said then added "Yes I slept with Harry Styles" 

"What the fuck?" She screamed and this is the best time to hang up. I pulled the phone away from my ear and pressed "end call" 

That may seem rude to do but she would be yelling and screaming, asking if i got his autograph. I the kind of person that if you start yelling and screaming at me threw the phone i hang up. Or when you yelling at me face-to-face ill just walk away. The other reason why i don't like Harry is because he promised me that he would stop the bullies, save me from everything that could hurt me but he promised that two weeks before he left for X-Factor. He broke that promise and all the promises we had. 




it's kinda short but at least its something. comment if you want the next chapter dedicated to you. Please vote and comment and fan me too. Smilers bye for now. 








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