Summer Dreams (Harry Styles)

As I stare into his bright emerald eyes boring into my bright pricing blue ones I felt a warm tear slip down my rosy cheek. The rushy of the leaves blowing in the wind, my light brown hair flying in my face sticking to the salty tear stains on my cheeks. My eyes snapped to the dirty gravel ground under my light brown ankle high boots. Kicking a rock to the side, I take a step closer to the Cheshire, emerald green eyed, curly haired, dimple face, 20 year old boy standing less than a foot away from me. My eyes scanned up to his face, Looking over his face expression; hurt, love, lust. Starring into his eyes I realized the pain, love, and laughs we've been though. "Harry I...I think I'm in love with you" I whispered, his cold long skinny light pink fingers cupping my chin in a gentle matter as he looked me dead in the eyes and said "I've loved you since the start" before crashing his warm full pink lips onto mine


1. Chapter 1


Demetria's POV




I hate that ring tone jessica made for my phone. I'm going to kill her next time i see her. I streached my arm out and grabbed my phone off the night stand next to my bed and pressed "answer"  without looking at the caller ID.

"I swear to god if it's you Jessica I'm going to kill you" I yelled at the person. 

"Good to know. Now Demi you know how i told to about that thing i entered in like last month?" Jess asked 

"Uh yea sure" I replied 

"While you'll never guess what! I won the concert tickets to the One Direction concert!" she screamed into the phone. Let me tell you something about Jessica She loves I mean loves One Directiomn me on the other hand, No i don't like them at all. I don't hate them i just don't like them at all. Everyone gets mad at me when i say i dont like one direction they try and get me to listen to their music and all you get back is a hit up side the head. 

"oh how amazing" I said sarcastically 

"don't go all sarcast on me now" Jess laughed 

"you coming if you like it or not, its a 7 I'll pick you up" jess added and hung up before i could say anything else. 

Someone kill me now please! 

I pulled the cover off of me and hop out of bed, walk into the bathroom. I strip down and hop into the shower




After I took a long shower I rapped a towel around my body as i walked to my closet.

(outfit: ) 

I put on some light make-up and check the time. 5:36 pm. Wow i slept in late. I thought to myself as I grab my Iphone. I checked to see if i had any new messages. Nope. 

All of a sudden I hear a car horn singaling that Jessica's here. I walked out of my flat and locked the door behind me on my way out. I walked out of the apartment building adn made my way to Jesscia's car. I hopped as a One Direction came blasting throw the radio. I gave her a questioning look but she shock her head at me, pulled out of the parking lot. 

I was about to change to a different radio station but Jess grabbed my hadn stopping me. 

"Don't touch my radio. Im incharge here not you" she yelled over the music. Yes its that loud. As we pass other drivers, we got weird looks from them. 



By the time we got to the concert all the spots where taken. Jess drove around the parking lot and found nothing. She drove around to the back of the concert building and parked in a random spot. We hopped out, started walking toward the front of the building as Jess kept saying how amazing one direction is. I just tone her out. 

"Demi are you even listening to me?" she asked while lightly hitting my face with her hand. 

"yeah, yeah noo" I shake my head no. 

"you know I still love your accent" she smiled. Oh i forgot I have a british accent. I was born in London, England moved to Tornoto, Ontario when i was 19 to go to collage here cause i wanted to get away from my family and old friends. I just wanted a new life, new friends. so thats what i did. Me and my sister Zoe used to live together but that was before she got a boyfriend and started living with him in his flat on the other side of the city. Thank god she doesn't live with me anymore she would always complaine how i would bring home a boy every night I went clubbing. You want to know the reason why i don't love One Direction? well its because when i was younger my mum was bestfriends with Harry Styles' Mother, she would always come over and bring Harry with her. They would always say that when we are older we would be getting married. Eww no. This one time we where in my treehouse and harry just randomly said that he likes me and kissed me. I didn't kiss him back I didn't even like him. We never talked after that and that one of the many reasons why i moved and don't love One Direction. 



The show was starting in  a minute adn Jess was jumping in  her seat. 

All of a sudden she screamed at the top of her lungs, thats when i reazlie that the boys have come on stage. I saw a tear slip down her cheek. wow she really must be happy to come to this concert if she's crying . I thought as I pull out my phone adn take a quick picture of her and post it on twitter and put as captions "she must really love @OneDirection if she's crying. lol Love you Jess"  soon enough I had a few replies saying that we are so lucky to go to there concert. This one reply caught my eye it was from @HarryStyles?

"@Demetriaisthebest I hop you guys are injoying the concert! xxHarry " 

Wait how is harry on twitter when he is on stage? I look up and notice that they are all stiiting on the couch thats on the stage. Harry must had his phone out. I go back to my phone and look at my followers and see that Harry is following me same with some other random people i don't know. 

I look throw thw tweets well I wait for the concert to end.



The concert Finally  ended. Me and Jess walk out of the concert hall, out to the back of the building. 

"DEMETRIA WATCH OUT!!" Jess yelled at me

"Wha?" I asked as a door hit me inthe head and made me fall onto the ground. I look up at Jess and notice that she is crying? 

"Jess why are y-" I got cut off

"I'm so sorry" The all to familar voioce said as he held out his hand for me to take. I push his hand out of my face and stand up. 

"Don't touch me" I said to him. 

"I'm so sorry I didn't mean to hit you with the door" He pouted

"I get it you didn't want to hit me with a door now fuck off" I yelled the last part in his face and walked away while grabbing Jess and pulling her with me.

"Why did you yell in Harry's face he didn't really do anything" Jess hissed

"You don't know half the things he has done" I hissed as i open the car door, hop in.

"What?" she asked. I ingored her questioned as we drove back.

There's a lot she doesn't know about my past. 





Hello guys this was the first chapter to "Mr. Harry Styles And The Slut" What did you think?

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