The Styles Triplets

Henry and Hadley are Harry's twin brother and sister.
Hadley and Henry have to admit that it's hard being Harry Styles twins but at least Henry isn't that identical to Harry because Harry has green eyes but Henry has one green eye and one blue eye he has the exact same hair style as Harry. Hadley has a little longer than shoulder length curly hair and green eyes The oldest out of the the triplets is Harry. Harry was born 2 minutes before Hadley and Hadley was born 3 minutes before Henry.
What happens when the band comes to stay with the Styles Triplets' house?
Read to find out sorry for the kind description ;)


1. The Styles Triplets.....

-Hadley's POV-

I wake up to the sweet smell of bacon I quickly pull in some undergarments (as you all may know us Styles family members like to sleep naked.) I slip on some track pants and a T-Shirt and run down the stairs I walk by Henry who's head is hanging off the couch as he watches sponge bob 18 but still watches Sponge bob.... Well hell Louis is 21 and he watches it with Henry I slap Henry's forehead what Harry calls a "Connection" I walk into the kitchen and sit on one of the bar stools and Henry comes in after
"Hey Hadley" he says like he wants to ask a question
"Yeah?" I say Turing and looking into his eyes I loved the way the three os us were twins I was the only girl though I can tell Henry and Harry apart right away because Henry has one blue eye and one green eye the one on the left is green and the one on the right is blue me and Harry just have green eyes Henry got one of each of our parents colors.
"What's for breakfast Harry?" He asks avoiding asking me the question
"Bacon and eggs" he says Henry rolls his eyes I giggle Henry is the youngest out of the three of us Harry is the eldest. The doctors thought it was going to be just me and Harry as Twins but then Henry came out! How weird is that?
Harry gave us plates with the delicious looking food
"No efence Harry but can't we just get Egg Mc Muffins?" Henry asks Harry looks at him
"That's possible." Harry says he takes away my food just as I'm about to stab my fork into a sausage it hits the marble counter
"Hey" I said frowning at him
"Sorry Hadley but baby wants Egg Mc Muffins isn't that right baby bro?" Harry says ruffling Henry's curls
"I know I'm the baby Harry you don't have to keep reminding me" Henry says fixing his curls the same way Harry does
"Go get dressed!" Harry instructs me and Henry look at each other and notice were still wearing PJs and we race up the steps I run into my room and change into skinny jeans a grey shirt that says "Hipsta Please" in black on it it's kind of a tank top and it shows some of my stomach I put on grey toms and brush through my curls and apply minimum make up Harry and Henry burst into my room
"Hurry up Hadley!" They say pulling me to my feet we walk out greeted by tons of fans of Harry's
"Oh my god Hadley your so pretty!"
"Henry your so hot"
"I love you Harry!" Is all we hear Harry smiles and waves and just to annoy him I run up and hug as much of them as I can I realize some one is video taping me just as I'm about to leave I holdup a peace sign and stick my tongue out I go back to the car and smirk at my twins
Harry turns on the radio as we get in the car Henry in the back "Born this way" starts to b,are through the speakers we were all born with beautiful voices but me and Henry were to scared to audition. We start to sing laughing Harry's phone goes off
"Can you get my phone out of my pocket and see who texted me?" He asked me I nod and dig into his pocket and get his phone out
"Louis said Hey what are you doing me and the boys were thinking about visiting is that cool?" I said
"Text him and say yeah" Harry says I was happy his friends are coming over their all hot, Niall, Liam, Zayn and LOUIS. Louis is so hot....
I texted him and locked the phone it soon went off again I read it to Harry
"Ok what time?" I said
"Tell him I'm out but I'll be home soon" I did as he said and it went up I read the text and it made my heart beat fast and a stupid grin be plastered on my face it said
'Is Hadley home I can keep her company while your out ;) :p' I didn't read that one out loud I deleted it to make sure Louis didnt get in trouble. I texted back though saying
"No she's with me" I went to home menu and went through his pictures there was tons of pictures of Zayn sleeping Niall eating Liam making pouty faces and Louis making funny faces. I closed off his pictures and played some of his games and then we arrived at McDonald's and orders to go.
When we got home we quickly ate and Harry texted Louis telling him it was ok to come over I went upstairs and played kinect on my Xbox kinectamals I chose to play with the cheetah and named it
"Louis" I was jumping around and playing with it when I heard shouts from down the stairs
"Hey Hazza!" Louis' voice rang through the house making the walls melt around me I just ignored it and kept playing when Louis bursted into my room scaring me
"Jesus Louis!" I yell my cheetah comes to the screen
"You've called apon your cub campanion" the cat/fly thing says
"You've what?" Louis asks
"Nothing so whats up?" I said
"No no" he walks towards my little set up
"Louis" he says the cheetah it comes up to the screen and licks it
"You named your virtual cub pet after me?" He says looking at me
"That's so cool" he says I sigh sometimes I wonder what attracts me to Louis...
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