The Styles Triplets

Henry and Hadley are Harry's twin brother and sister.
Hadley and Henry have to admit that it's hard being Harry Styles twins but at least Henry isn't that identical to Harry because Harry has green eyes but Henry has one green eye and one blue eye he has the exact same hair style as Harry. Hadley has a little longer than shoulder length curly hair and green eyes The oldest out of the the triplets is Harry. Harry was born 2 minutes before Hadley and Hadley was born 3 minutes before Henry.
What happens when the band comes to stay with the Styles Triplets' house?
Read to find out sorry for the kind description ;)


2. It's Our Birthday!

-Harry's POV- 

Me and Henry decided to wake up Hadley we can't believe her sleeping in on OUR birthday... We start to chuckle outside of her door and we count to three and just in and jump on her bed and jump around 
"Wake up Hadley!" We both yell 
"Today were 19!" Henry yells 
She covers her head with a pillow I make sure she isn't sleeping nude today and then I rip her covers off and me and Henry pick he up and take her to her bathroom and put her on the floor 
"Shower get ready and come down stairs" Henry says 
"It's our birthday Hadley be happy" we walk out and shut the door we walk down stairs and the phone rings I pick it up
"Happy birthday baby!" Mum screams from the other side 
"Thanks Mum" I said 
"I'm sorry which twin is it you and Henry sound exactly alike, I can't see your eyes so" she says 
"It's Harry Mum wanna talk to Henry?" I ask 
"Yes I love you happy birthday" she says I hand the phone to Henry he puts it on his ear 
"Hello?" He said 
"Thanks Mum" 
"That's because that's twin telepathy" he says with a light chuckle 
"She's in the shower" he nods his head as if she can see him as she talks 
"Yeah ok" he says playing with his bottom lip 
"Ok love you too bye" he hangs up and puts the phone on the table Hadley comes down in turquoise skinny jeans with a white shirt with turquoise polka dots and white toms her curly hair tied into a pony tail. She comes in and lays along our laps (Quick note: Imagine that?! Laying across the laps of two Harry's?! I can't even....) 
"So boys today were 19" she says 
"Yep" we and Henry course 
"So how are we going to celebrate?" She asks
"Well the boys are coming over and were going to the club with Pierrie and Danielle" Harry says
"Don't tell Liam I said so but Danielle is....woo!" Henry says Harry chuckles I giggle
"I still can't believe Louis and Eleanor broke up" Harry says just the sound of Louis' name makes my heart jump.
"They were so strong and then Louis broke up with her says he was into someone else..." Henry says
"Yeah wonder who that could be" Harry says


We were all getting ready to go to the club. I wore black skinny jeans and a white top with a black lace design on the back I wore my precious white toms and wore my hair down I applied eye make up and lip gloss and went downstairs I saw Harry and Henry Harry in a button up shirt and black skinny jeans and his precious white converse and Henry was wearing sandy colored khakis and his black converse and a black T-shirt with the words "Hipsta Please" on it I'm guessing the shirt is Harry's... There's a knock at the door and the boys and the girls are here.


We arrive at the club and walk in me and Henry walk over to the bar as Harry goes with his boys
Me and Henry order shots after our first few I smile at him
"Have I ever told you your my favorite?" I said pinching his cheek he chuckles we get beers when Harry walks over
"Guys every one is wondering where you two are come on!" He says
"Lets get me some birthday sex!" Henry yells Harry chuckles I smile Henry winks at a few girls as we go by. I see the boys Niall and Louis come up to me and start dancing around me Henry finds a girl and brings her over they start grinding, both my brothers were always into getting it in. As Louis and Niall started putting their backs to me dancing I laughed
"I feel like the cast of Jersey Shore!" I yell over the music they both laugh they start to sandwich me.
Harry is dancing with the others
"Chasing the sun" by the wanted starts to play truthfully the boys don't mind their music..
Louis as he's the one behind me rocks my hips back and forth Niall follows in front of me I sing along to Tom's starting solo feeling Louis' hands on my hips, my heart beats against my chest.
After a while of dancing/grinding with Niall and Louis the three of us go get drinks we see Zayn and Pierrie at the bar
"Hey" she squeaks and hugs me
"Hey!" I say as she returns to her seat next to Zayn who gives me a one armed hug and a kiss on the cheek I sit in between Zayn and Louis Niall on the other side of Louis.
We order shots along the bar for the 5 of us 2 each we have a race to see who could finish them first me and Louis tie and high five
"Another round!" Louis yells Zayn and Pierrie say they don't really wanna get drunk but me , Louis and Niall hell were up for it, Louis' he's born wild Niall well Niall's Irish.
Avicii's Levels starts to blare as we do our second round of shots Niall moves to my left where Zayn was Louis stays at my right. I feel hazy it's working I'm getting drunk.
"I'm getting drunk guys!" I slurred Louis chuckles
"Me to" he slurs Niall shakes his head
"Light weights" he says and takes his beer and leaves I reach my hand out
"Aww Niall" I whine
"Just me and you love" Louis slurs
"Till the end" I said as we cheers our shots and down them Louis falls off his stool but quickly gets out he leans in and whispers in my ear
"If you fall and take to long to get out they'll think your too drunk so they kick you out" he whispers I lean away so were face to face
"Fuck me, really?!" I said he smiles
"Yeah" he says he looks at my lips and then back at my eyes we start to lean in when some one pushed our faces back and stood in between us... Harry damn him and his older brother bullshit.
"I'll have a Canadian please" he says he looks at me then Louis and shakes his head
"Watch it Lou" he warns Louis he takes his beer and he's gone
"Come on let's dance" Louis says we go back onto the dance floor and start to dance drunk my back against Louis' chest his hands around my waist
"Harry's going to kill us" Louis whispers in my ear
"He can't see us" I said Louis smirks
"I guess I can continue what I was doing then" Louis says and with that our kiss began.

-Henry's POV-

I was dancing with a girl I met her name is Lauren she's got black straight hair down to her elbows and crystal blue eyes and pink lips Harry comes up to me a worried expression
"What's up?" I ask
"It's Hadley, she was with Louis and they were about to kiss and I stopped them and I left I looked back and they were gone" he says
"Harry it's Louis it's not like he's a complete stranger" I said
"True but still he's my best mate and he may be planning on a one night stand with my little sister. Your big sister doesn't that bother you in the slightest way?" He says
"It's her birthday let her get some and maybe that's what she wants a one not stand" I said he nods and walks away I look down at Lauren
"Is that what you want with me?" She asked
"No of course not I like you" I said not lying one bit I was planning on a one night thing but when I met Lauren it changed. She smiled and grabbed my face and kiss me.

-Henry's POV-

We were all leaving Hadley and Louis were no where to be seen so we just left she'll find her way home, we all got into the car and drove back to the house Harry and I told the others we'd be right back we walked up the stairs towards Hadley's room we silently opened the door and saw clothes on the ground and Louis and Hadley cuddled on the bed
"Fuck" Harry said quietly
"Hey if it was a one night stand Louis would have been gone" I said
"Yeah yeah I know but they still had sex" Harry says
"Let her grow up" I said with a nod he closed the door and we went down the stairs and I put my arm around Lauren as we sat on the couch and Niall and Liam fought over movies.
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