~Your Love~

This is about a girl who doesn't have everything handed to her in life... she's had a few boyfriends in the past but not many. It just so happens that one of her ex's never stopped loving her and he seems to have a new interesting step-brother. What is a girl to do when two boys are coming after her? She has the choice of a new beginning with her ex or start new with the step-brother. What does she do? You'll just have to read to find out...


7. Night

Spencer's POV:    I knocked on Grayson's door and walked in. He was sleeping so I couldn't talk to him. I walked back into Ally's room. "So what did he say?" "He was asleep I couldn't talk to him."  "Gosh darn why does that boy have to go to bed so early?!?! Errrr...." she said. "Maybe it's a sign that says that I don't need to talk to him." "You need to talk to him." "Goodnight." I said while laying on the floor bed that I made.


Braydon's POV:     I'm so happy I got my Spenc back. I went on the treadmill to run because she didn't want me to lift weights without anyone being there. She said that she was worried something would happen. I tried to convince her to stay with me but she said she to go back to Ally so she wouldn't get mad.

It was around midnight and I had just gotten out of the shower. I wasn't tired so I laid there watching TV in my boxers. When there was a knock on my door. "Come in." I said and in came Spencer in shorts and a tank top. "Hey Princess." I said with a huge smile on my face. She closed the door behind her and came and cuddled into me but she wasn't close enough so I pulled her by her waist into my chest. I also rested my head on hers and kissed the top of it.

"I'm not complaining or anything but why are you in here?"  "I couldn't sleep." she whispered into my chest. I could tell she was extremely tired so I didn't say anything more all I did was turn of the TV off. " I love you Braydon." "And I love you Spencer."

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