~Your Love~

This is about a girl who doesn't have everything handed to her in life... she's had a few boyfriends in the past but not many. It just so happens that one of her ex's never stopped loving her and he seems to have a new interesting step-brother. What is a girl to do when two boys are coming after her? She has the choice of a new beginning with her ex or start new with the step-brother. What does she do? You'll just have to read to find out...


1. Introductions & Work

Hi, my name is Spencer Mitchelles. I have long dark brown curly hair that goes to my mid back. My eyes are blue like the ocean, along with a small button nose, and straight white teeth. I'm pretty skinny but I got the curves in the right places to drive the boys crazy.

I like with my mom (Emily) and my little sister (Olivia). My dad left last year and has no contact with us at all. I honestly don't care if he ever does, but for Olivia's sake she needs a dad. I want nothing to do with him. Olivia was one when he left and she just turned two. I'm seventeen. For my sixteenth birthday he got me a car. I don't drive it as much because I let my mom use instead of her buying a new car we can't afford.

Ever since my dad left my mom does all she can. She has three jobs and tries to take care of us at the same time. I also have a job working at a cafe. I hate my uniform it's a bright blue sleeved dress with a white collar and apron. I usually wear my white converse and my hair I wear in a low pony tail with my bangs out.


I was on my way to work when i turned the corner and ran into a guy from my school. He's a player and pretty much likes every girl with big boobs. Which made me one of his targets. "Whoa Spencer watch where your going." he joked while taking a piece of my hair in his hands. I pushed him away and started to walk away. He grabbed my arm and pulled me back towards him into his chest. "Let me go Jason!" I muttered while trying to push away from him but he was to strong. "Why should I? I'm just looking for a good time. Not gonna hurt you or anything." he said while a sleazy grin appeared on his face. "I'm not interested I said with a glare. "Just ditch work for a little call in sick... We could have a good time, babe." "No one could have a good time when there with you now get away from me. Oh and also I can't afford to get a drink and skip work. One I don't drink... two I wouldn't go with you even if I did... and three I can't afford a day away from work." "Sure you can, babe." he said trying to sound seductive but just turned out creepy. "Don't call me that." I said while punching him in the face and running away. I heard him calling after me but I didn't go anywhere near him and he didn't come near me.


I opened the door to Retro Cafe. I love the atmosphere of this place. The walls are blue and pink with white and black polka dots on them. While the booths were black, pink and blue and they were sparkly all over. The stools at the front counter had black sparkly cushions and chrome legs. The floor was tiled white and black.


The cafe was busy for a Monday afternoon. It was winter vacation so it made since. I used to hang out here all the time but then the rich kids found out about it and took over. Everyone calls it Retro because it's easier and it doesn't sound lame. Who ever came up with name needed to think of a better name because this one sure was lame. 


I was waiting on my normal tables when I saw a guy I had never seen before. He had brown hair that just covered his ears and went above his eyes. Blue eyes that looked like the sky. I walked over to his table and when I got there he instantly got a huge smile on his face and he checked me out a little bit.


"Well hello there!" Braydon said like he usually does when his girlfriend Mindy isn't around. Braydon is a huge flirt plus he's a jock. I just brushed off what he said "So what would you guys like?" I said back with a little additude. "I don't think you should treat customers like that. You know because you wouldn't want to be fired from your job. Now would you?" I turned to see the selfish Mindy that I absolutely hated with a passion. Mindy Williams I may hate her but I have to admit she is really pretty and I couldn't compete with her. Not even if I wanted to. But Braydon doesn't care how she treats anyone including me. Once I broke his heart so now he really doesn't want anything to do with me in public unless his girlfriend isn't there. She's oblivious to how he cheats on her with any girl that's pretty that will pay attention to him. She either doesn't know or doesn't care. "Braydon maybe you should keep your girlfriend on a leash." I suggested. Braydon and the other guy laughed while Mindy glared and pushed me out of the way to sit down next to Braydon.


"Like I asked before... what would you guys like?" I asked really annoyed. "All I want is a water." Mindy said. "I"ll have the bacon cheeseburger with everything on it along with a side of cheese fries." said the mysterious boy on the other side of the booth. "I'll have a cheeseburger with everything on it. Along with a side of french fries." said Braydon. "Why would you eat that stuff your going to get fat and loose your spot on the basketball team. Along with after you eat that I'm not kissing you." I walked away before I could hear his response. 

I've known Braydon for the longest time. We even dated for a year. He was my first kiss and I was his. I broke up with him after I started having feelings for someone else he also liked me. My feelings for Braydon have never gone away. But I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me anymore so it doesn't matter also he's with Mindy. We occasionally text or talk on the phone though, but not very much.


I walked past their booth occasionally to see if I could find out his name and anything else about him. His name is Grayson and it's Braydon's soon to be step-brother. I found that very interesting because I am friends with Braydon's twin sister


When their food was done I took it over and asked Braydon how Ally was. "She's pretty good. She actually asked me to see if you wanted to come stay tonight." I thought it over for a minute even though I already knew my answer. "Sure that would be fun." I said with a smile and I turned to look at Mindy's response to this. "I don't like the idea of your ex-girlfriend staying at your house without me there." Mindy complained I was expecting a bigger reaction from her but this was enough to know that she was jealous of me and that made me smile. "Yup I'm plotting to steal your boyfriend in the middle of the night." I said while wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing his cheek. I walked away before I could see both of their responses. But when I turned around Braydon was looking over his shoulder and smiling at me while Mindy was glaring. I winked at them both with a smile on my face knowing I got to her and that drove her crazy.

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