~Your Love~

This is about a girl who doesn't have everything handed to her in life... she's had a few boyfriends in the past but not many. It just so happens that one of her ex's never stopped loving her and he seems to have a new interesting step-brother. What is a girl to do when two boys are coming after her? She has the choice of a new beginning with her ex or start new with the step-brother. What does she do? You'll just have to read to find out...


4. Feelings and Thoughts

I walked through the door with Grayson right behind me. I was about to enter their living room when Ally brought me into a huge hug scaring the crap out of me. "Hey Spency." Ally and Braydon have called me that for the longest time and I hate it. "Hey Ally." I screamed just as loud as she did.

In the pocket of my boot jeans I felt my crappy phone vibrate. My phone was a slider with a full keyboard. "Spency, you have a phone let me see it." said Grayson. Before I could respond  he had it out of my hand. After a little while of trying to get my phone out of his hand I stopped because he is to tall.

"Dang Spencer." I took that chance to grab my phone out of his hands. When I saw what he was looking at a "crap" escaped my mouth and I felt my cheeks turn red. "Oh look Spency is blushing." Ally shouted. "That's when Braydon walked in. "Why didn't anyone tell me Spencer was here?" he asked while picking me up in a hug and spinning around. He then kissed me on the cheek. "Hey Braydon, I have two feet why don't you let me use them?" "Because that means I don't get to hold you." "Why don't you go hold your girlfriend Mindy?" "We broke up." he responded with no emotion what so ever. He put me down. "Thanks" I said walking towards Ally's room on the second floor.

When I walked into her room the first thing that came out of my mouth was "Did you know that Braydon and Mindy broke up?" "Yeah, it happened today. She went storming out when I got home. I then talked to Braydon about it and he said he broke up with her for you Spencer. You can't hurt him this time. He said you liked him because of what happened at the Cafe." "What happened at the Cafe was just a joke to make Mindy. I don't think that I really want to date Braydon. I kind of like Grayson to be honest." I wasn't sure if I liked Braydon that way because I never thought about it with him dating Mindy and all. But now that I actually think about it I still kind of love him. "Spencer you need to talk both of them then. It's the right thing to do... you have to choose one." "I know."

Grayson's POV:    "I don't understand why did you even break up with Mindy?" I asked Braydon. "Because of what happened with Spencer at the Cafe." "Dude you took that seriously... You could tell that she was joking." "I felt the spark when she touched me. I never felt that with Mindy ever."

I walked away I knew the truth of how she felt... she had feelings for me. But could that break their past I don't know exactly what went on between them. I'm guessing it had to be something. Braydon had been dating Mindy for four years and he broke up with her because he loved and felt a spark with Spencer. The girl I like which is also his ex-girlfriend. I now knew that I needed to find out what happened between them.

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