Niall Horan's Love Attempt

Niall Horan finally finds the girl he was looking for all along


4. 2 Years Pass


Niall was screaming at someone, I don’t know who, my eyes were closed. “You have to tell me when she is allowed to leave! I need to take her home” I whispered “Niall? Where am I?” Niall replied “yes? You are in the hospital, are you feeling alright?” I was confused why I was in the hospital; all I remember was driving home from a movie with one of my friends. He explained to me that I got into a car accident and broke two of my ribs and fractured my leg. I started crying. He said “it’s okay I will take care of you, lets pack some clothes for you to wear while you’re here.” Niall went to my house and packed clothes for me to wear while I was in the hospital. He stayed with me everyday while I was there. “Niall, you should go home and get some sleep.” I said. “No, I’m fine I can’t leave you” he said back. A few weeks later I was allowed to leave, he brought me to his house. He set up a comfy spot on his couch to lay and watch TV while he made dinner. After dinner, he kissed me goodnight and headed off to bed. Later that week my ribs healed and I was able to walk again. To congratulate me, Niall brought me to a fancy restaurant, where we had a romantic dinner. I knew I was in love with him, but I didn’t know if he felt the same way. 

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