Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber falls in love


1. The Beginning.

It all started when I traveled to Ontario with some friends for my birthday. We went out to dinner then to get dessert after at a store. I saw Chaz, and I thought I recognized him so I went up to him to say hi. We had a whole long conversation about Ontario and where I could go around with my friends. Chaz gave me his number so we could talk and maybe meet up. We texted a lot and we went out to dinner the next night, we became best friends. “Do you have a boyfriend?” Chaz asked me, I said “no” Chaz said, “I have the perfect person to set you up with, his name is Ryan, I’ll give you his number and maybe everything will work out.” Chaz gave me Ryan’s number then I started texting him. He seemed sweet and down to earth, but the problem was I never saw him before. The texting between us went on for weeks. It was finally time for us to meet. I trusted Chaz enough to know that it would be the guy that he described himself as. . I told him to meet me in a small town close to New York City. He said “I will take the next plane to come and see you from Ontario.” I was so excited to finally meet him in person. I was waiting for him at a famous restaurant. I waited 30 minutes before I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around. He was wearing a hat with his hoody up and glasses, I couldn’t make out what he looked like. I said “hi are you Ryan?” he answered “yes you must be Maeve!” he sat down in the chair across from me. We talked for a little bit and found out how many things we had in common. He got himself settled and took off his hat, hoody, and glasses. I realized Ryan was Justin Bieber. I couldn’t believe my eyes I was so confused. Justin said “sorry that I lied to you I just wanted someone to like me not for what I am. I hope you’re not mad.” I said, “of course I’m not mad I just can’t believe this is happening to me.” We talked for hours and it finally became midnight. He walked me home and said goodnight. As soon as he started to walk away he turned around and asked me if we could do this again. Of course I said yes knowing that I was going to fall for him. At first we started taking things slow and then got more serious. 

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