we just wont tell him.

taylor is an 18 year old girl who is the sister of louis tomlinson. her brother has been in a big boy band one direction but louis would never let her meet them because he is way ovverprotective. when he finally lets her meet the boys immediately harry finds his way and get what he wants. what will happen when louis finds out. will he even find out. maybe we just wont tell him.


3. the park

i hop in the shower and take about 30 minutes. i do my hair throw on some make up and some cute clothes and head out lou left a note on the door for me. "i will be back at around 9" me and niall are out for some football and food. ---lou" i hop in my car and pull into the park. i hop out and i see a blanket and harry is sitting on it. i walk up and he is holding a piknik basket. "hello love" he sais in his deep voive with a cheeky smile. "hello harry" i reply. he hands me the piknik basket and tell me to "open it" i open it up and inside is a note. "turn around" the note reads. i turn aound and there is a single orange balloon. that sais "pop me" the man holding it hold out a little needle. i take it and pop it. a litle card is inside the front sais "read me" in side it sais follow me. i turn around and harry is around  50 feet away and i run after him. when i get a few feet away he runs agian. and we keep going like that untill we get to a shop. its called "bakery boy" we go in and sit down. the guy at the counter brings us food and we eat it was delicious. then he brings out 6 little cake samples and tells us "taste each cake and tell me your favorite." we taste the cake and harry wipes icing on my face. "oh my gosh harry" i snap he just laughs "fine then" i reply and i shove a piece of cake in his face. "wow your just as sassy as lou it must be a tommo thing" he laughs and we fight with cake and finnallt choose our favorite we went with the red velvet with chocolate icing. harry buys a whole cake of the one we choose and hands it to me "what am i supposed to do with this" i ask "EAT IT" he yells and i laugh "not now harry" "fine but eat it soon" he replies "i will" i say as i satre at the cake and notice a small not sticking out of it "you know i thing i want to eat it now." i say "yay" he responds i sit down and cut the slice with the thing and take a bite. out comes a not and its in a plastic rapper. i open it and it reads "i know we only met yesterday but when i want somthing i get it so will you be my girlfreind."

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