we just wont tell him.

taylor is an 18 year old girl who is the sister of louis tomlinson. her brother has been in a big boy band one direction but louis would never let her meet them because he is way ovverprotective. when he finally lets her meet the boys immediately harry finds his way and get what he wants. what will happen when louis finds out. will he even find out. maybe we just wont tell him.


5. club

i wake up and louis gone. he left a note saying he went shopping with harry and he would be back at around 6 pm. i got up and i heard a knock at my door. i open up and it was liam. "hey taylor" he said "hey liam" i replied "uh i heard you were ill last night so i thought i should drop by and check in" liam said as he walked in "lou sent you dint he" "what no" liam replied "liam" "ok fine he did" he gave in. "well you can stay if youd like"i said kindly. "thanks taylor". we sat on the couch and watched a movie. i made chicken for luch but liam ate before he came. we were watching toystory2 and i started feeling sick. a little bit later i got up and ran to the bathroom and threw up. now i really was sick. liam brought me to my bed. "ok go to sleep and maybe you will feel better" liam said. "can u stay with me" i asked. i hate being sick. "sure" he replied. he got in bed with me i cuddled up to him and fell asleep. when i woke up louis was home and liam was asleep. i woke him up gently. "what time is it" he asked. "7" i replied. we got up and liam gave me a piggy back ride to the living room. harry and louis were sitting on the couch. liam set me next to louis and i laid my head in his lap. "she got sick" liam siad "thanks for taking care of her payne your a good mate" lou said. "are you ready to go lou" liam asked "where are you going" i ask. "me liam and niall are going to the club tonight harry said he could watch you and zayn is coming by later to check in on you." louis said. "ok well im gunna go take a nap" i say as i walk off to bed. i sit on my bed and grab my iphone and plug in my buds and turn my music all the way up and close mt eyes. i feel a tap on my shoulderand i take out my plugs and its harry and he is shirtless. i turn off my music. and i get out of bed. "are they gone yet" i ask staring at harrys perfect body."yep" harry said. "good" i say and i step on my tippy toes and kiss him. he pushes me away. "you just threw up" "oh yah sorry" "its ok" he replied. he kissed me on the cheek and we sat on the couch to watch paranormal activity 2. we are half way threw the movie when i hear a knock at the door. i go get it and its zayn. we all exchange hellos and zayn joins us for the movie. im sitting between zayn and harry. and i fell asleep.

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