we just wont tell him.

taylor is an 18 year old girl who is the sister of louis tomlinson. her brother has been in a big boy band one direction but louis would never let her meet them because he is way ovverprotective. when he finally lets her meet the boys immediately harry finds his way and get what he wants. what will happen when louis finds out. will he even find out. maybe we just wont tell him.


2. call

(taylors pov)

"ok well see ya later boys" i say as they all leave. its 10 at night im soo tierd. i went in my room and was almost asleep when i hear a knock at my door. "come in". lou walks in and flicks on the light. "i need to talk to you" he sais i can tell he is gunna talk about boys because he always uses that voice when he talks about boys. "i saw harry and you talking in the kitchen and i just want to let you know to stay away from him hes a player and he will only brake your heart." "i know i know. (imitation lou) boys only want to take advantage of you." "right well goodnight" "you to lou" i say as he flicks my light off and closes the door. ahh finally peace. when i woke up it was noon. i had missed a call. i called back the number and harry answers with a "hello love its about time you called back" "i just woke up" you said trying to be quiet so louis didnt hear. " so y did you call" i asked. "meet me at the park 2 blocks away from lous" "wait what when" "now" he replied and hung up. i was soo confused. i got a txt from harry it read "hey its harry add my number to your contacts youl need it ;) meet me at the park and i have a supprise for you. dont bring lou. he would ruin the fun. txt back when your on your way.


-  harry e. styles

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