we just wont tell him.

taylor is an 18 year old girl who is the sister of louis tomlinson. her brother has been in a big boy band one direction but louis would never let her meet them because he is way ovverprotective. when he finally lets her meet the boys immediately harry finds his way and get what he wants. what will happen when louis finds out. will he even find out. maybe we just wont tell him.


1. awkward

(taylors pov)

(sorry if there is british and texas words mixed in im trying to be as british as i know but i am a texan so please excuse me lol thanks loves)

so my brother has been in this huge british-irish boy band one direction. he is 20 years old but still the most childish person i have ever met. his name louis william tomlinson. i am taylor alyse tomlinson. i am 18 years old and my birthday is july 30th. my brother is the most protective person of me i have ever met besides mom. but since i dont live with her any more i guess she is not as protective. any way back to my point. so louis has never let me meet the boys. one day i asked why and he said because the boys were boys and that he knows how boys are and that i was not allowed to date them. so today i  am staying at lous because my flat flooded. and i heard the boys were coming over for a rehearsel. i am really exited to finnally meet them. "lou im getting in the shower" i shouted to him from the bathroom. "dont use all the hot water" he yelled back. i shut the door and hopped in. about an hour later i got out and grabbed my towel. i dryed off and was ready to put my clothes on but i left them on the back of the couch. so i wraped my towel and ran out of the toilet and ran to the couch when i sall 5 lads sitting their and i slipped on the wood floor. a tall boy with a shaved head ran over to help me up. "are you ok" he said "thanks im fine." i replied rubbing the back of my head. the other 3 ran over to help. i relised i was still in my towel and grabbed my clothes i never payed attention to them. as i grabed it my towel cam undone and slipped down. the curly one laughed and stared. the others looked away. i hurried and grabbed my towel and ran to my room carefull not to slip again. i got dressed in my sweat pants and one of louis baggy t shirts. i brushed my hair and put it in a bun. i threw on some make up and went to the living room. i stood there awkwardly. "tay come sit" lou said. i went and sat between him and the one with the shaved head. the one with the curly hair was starring at me. "boys this is taylor" lou  introuduced "hi" they say simultaniuosly "hello there" i reply "tay this is zayn niall liam and harry" "is your head ok love" liam said "yah its better now thanks" i reply lou looks at me funny. "can somebody explain what i missed" lou questioned. "well you see when you were on the telephone taylor here came out in her towel to get her clothes off the back of the couch." zayn saidobservantly " haha yah and then her towel fell and we all saw her bum" harry said laughing. "she has your bum mate" he said laghing harder.  lou stood up  and step toward harry. "lou its ok calm down" i said.  i got up to go get a drink and avoid this conversation. harry walked into the kitchen right after me. i grabbed a diet soda and he stopped me from leaving the kitchen the other boys started singing wmyb. " nice bum" he smiled "i looked down and he lifted my chin gently "im just messing with you" he said with a cheeky smile. i could tell he was the flirt lou was talking about when he was talking about "the boys" he said " stay here" he ran to the desk across the room and grapped a pen a a sheet of paper. he ripped it in half and wrote his name and one half on one and mine on the other. he wrote his number on it and asked for mine as i told it he wrote it on the peice with my name. he stuck mine in his pocket and stuck his in mine he winked as he walked away.

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