How Could You?

This story follows the young and beautiful Melissa. She would have gone far in life. She would have been successful: job, family and happiness. Melissa had just moved into Rosewood, Maryland with her parents. Everything had seemed to be falling right into place. But then a few months later, they find her... dead. To be specific, she was murdered. Her death wasn't random. Melissa was smart. That's probably why her life ended so soon. She put the pieces together, found the facts and figured it all out, but at a huge price. Her life.


4. The First Day

Oh, the first day of school. I remember it so clearly. The night before Clara and I had planned EVERYTHING. We tried on fifteen outfits, practiced our makeup and even prepared our hairstyles.

I was so nervous, yet so excited. I had so many expectations for my senior year (just like any other teenaged girl). I wanted to make friends, get accepted into my dream university (whichever one that is), but most of all, I ached to meet a true love. Love was the one thing my life was missing. I'd never really had a serious boyfriend before. My love life was was a river run dry. I tried not to get my hopes up, but I couldn't help myself.

Anyways, Clara drove me to school in her awesome green buggy. I've always loved these cars. So cute, playful and innocent looking.

When we got there, the school looked like any other high school in America. The main building was big and grey, nothing out of this world, but the garden and the trees out front were beautiful.


So Clara and I walked into the building together, prepared to talked the most nerve-wrecking day.

Luckily, I didn't have to stay TOO far away from my best friend. Her locker was right next to mine, and I had Clara in two of my four morning classes. I'd tell you all about them in grave detail, but nothing besides boredom happened. The really important strange event happened during lunch.

So I walked into the cafeteria and the first thing I noticed was the sea of people. Everyone moving, no one seemed to notice me standing there lost like a blind fly. All of a sudden, I spot Clara sitting at a table way in the back corner of the room. She was laughing, looking like she was having the best time. Also at the table, were two boys and another girl I had never seen before. One boy with super short cut chestnut-color hair, and the other with shaggy dark brown hair. The girl was Asian with her dark black hair neatly wrapped into a perfect bun on the top of her head.  

I approached the table slowly. 

"Hey, good you found us, Mel. Everyone, this is Melissa. She recently moved moved onto my street."

"Great to meet you, I'm Chase, and this is my baby brother Jason." says super-short hair guy as he gestures shaggy hair boy.

"My name's Sarah, would you like to sit here?" She scoots over making room for me to fit into the table.

Then Jason looked at me strangely, as if he tried to figure something out. "This may sound strange, but you look EXACTLY like-".

Sarah cut him off, and whispered in his ear, "We can't let her know".

I pretend not to notice, but a chill stuck for the rest of the day.  That was awkward and creepy, but it was only the beginning. 

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