How Could You?

This story follows the young and beautiful Melissa. She would have gone far in life. She would have been successful: job, family and happiness. Melissa had just moved into Rosewood, Maryland with her parents. Everything had seemed to be falling right into place. But then a few months later, they find her... dead. To be specific, she was murdered. Her death wasn't random. Melissa was smart. That's probably why her life ended so soon. She put the pieces together, found the facts and figured it all out, but at a huge price. Her life.


2. Clara

I can clearly remember the first day, August 15th. We had driven into the suburban neighborhood in our old Toyota. I watched the neighborhood through the window. Kids playing, dogs walking, and friends bike-riding. It seemed like a typical all-American community.

We drove up into the driveway. Our new house looked just like the others. Two floors, nice gardens, pale bricks and large windows. I had prepared myself for too many hours of unpacking.

It didn't take as long as I thought, the unpacking. And some time between the start and the end, a few of the neighbors came and introduced themselves.

One of them approached. She had shoulder-length dark brown curly hair. She was average height. About my age. She wore a Hunger Games t-shirt and denim shorts. I instantly knew I'd like her. When she got close enough to me she started talking:

"Hey! I'm Clara. I live a cross the street, right over there. Welcome to Rosewood. Probably the least exciting town in this country."

"I'm Melissa. My parents and I just moved here from Texas. Nice to meet you."

"Awesome. How old are you? Are you gonna be going to Washington High?"

"Yeah, I'm seventeen. Going into my senior year."

"Great! I'm gonna be a Senior too. I can totally show you around. Help you meet people."

"Oh, by the way, you can call me Mel, Melissa's too, I don't know, fancy."

"Okay. This might seem a little too soon... but would you like to go shopping together tomorrow? I can drive. We can get new clothes for the school year."

"I'd love to."

And before we knew it, Clara and I became the best of friends. We had sleepovers, shared secrets and became as close as two friends could. Oh, I miss her. I miss those good old days. The days before everything went dark.

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