How Could You?

This story follows the young and beautiful Melissa. She would have gone far in life. She would have been successful: job, family and happiness. Melissa had just moved into Rosewood, Maryland with her parents. Everything had seemed to be falling right into place. But then a few months later, they find her... dead. To be specific, she was murdered. Her death wasn't random. Melissa was smart. That's probably why her life ended so soon. She put the pieces together, found the facts and figured it all out, but at a huge price. Her life.


3. Authors Note

Hey guys! Thanks for taking the time to read my story! This week is my mid-term week. Therefore, I can't update until this hectic week is done. I will probably be updating on the 20th or 21st. Until then, I'll be studying my butt off. Thank you for your patience!

LOVE, TinaWeena :)

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