Love and Lies

Harry Styles is the most popular guy in school. His girlfriend is a beautiful model. She goes to Harrys school but he dont know neither does anybody else! His girlfriend wears a wig and looks totally different! Read and see what this is about!
P.S Im not being mean to Harry, how he acts in this story. Also since the girl is different her real name is Lexi but when she goes to school her name is Abby!
(This is also before the X factor)


2. The ride and School

"Hey Jessica." screamed Lex as people were still spiting spitballs.

"Hi are you okay?" asked Jessica

"Yeah sure but upset."


"Because Harry don't know its me and he treats me like crap!"

"It's not his fault he don't  know your his girlfriend, you didn't wanna be known in school as a model."

"Yeah i know,look were at school!" said Lex

"Well okay see you after school,bye."


        In Lexi's classroom;

Alright class take your seats im going to take attendance. Levi (here) Justin (here) Harry(here) Kayla (here) Abby(here) *cough* dork* cough*

"Harry,stop being a mean say sorry." said Mr. Grath

"I'm not saying sorry."

"Fine detention after school!"

         At Lexi's house;

(ring,ring) as Lexi's phone went off.

"Hello." said Lex

"Hey babe whats up?"

"Oh hi Harry and nothing you?"

"Nothing in detention."

"Why are you in detention?"

"Making fun of this really ugly nerdie girl."

"Harry that's not that nice!"

"Well sorry."

"whats the girls name?"

"her name is Abby, why?"

"Oh I know her, she told me about you and what you do to her."

"Oh she did?.."

"Yeah and I told her you will stop...."

"Ah babe I got to go teacher is back, bye love you!"

"Love you too Harry, bye." 

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