Love and Lies

Harry Styles is the most popular guy in school. His girlfriend is a beautiful model. She goes to Harrys school but he dont know neither does anybody else! His girlfriend wears a wig and looks totally different! Read and see what this is about!
P.S Im not being mean to Harry, how he acts in this story. Also since the girl is different her real name is Lexi but when she goes to school her name is Abby!
(This is also before the X factor)


3. The next day.

The next day at school was horrible.

 "Hey Abby come here!" said Harry.

"Yes?" asked Abby awkwardly

"I heard you talked to my girl about me,did you?"

"Yes I di-did."

"Well what about?"

"How you pick on me, she said you need to stop."

"Well lets see I'm not going to stop, she might be my girl but im not going to stop."

"Well I'll just call her!"

"Ha okay, bye!"

"Bye. Oh hi Jessica."

"Hi and what was that about?"

"It was about how i told him stop picking on Abby."

"Oh did he say he will or no."

"He said no, and he don't care what I say."

"Whoa are you okay with that?"

"Not really it made me mad!"

"Yeah well i got to go, want me to pick you up for the shoot?"

"Yeah sure. thanks"


        On the phone with Harry;

"Hello" said Harry

"Hey Abby called me."

"What did she say?"

"She said that your not going to stop and you don't care what I say."

"Yeah I said that but I have to be cool around my dudes or I'm done, I can't be nice to a nerd."

"Yeah but I know this nerd."

"Well I'll try." 

"Okay I have a shoot I got to go, bye."

"Bye babe, love ya!"

"Love you too Harry." 

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