Love and Lies

Harry Styles is the most popular guy in school. His girlfriend is a beautiful model. She goes to Harrys school but he dont know neither does anybody else! His girlfriend wears a wig and looks totally different! Read and see what this is about!
P.S Im not being mean to Harry, how he acts in this story. Also since the girl is different her real name is Lexi but when she goes to school her name is Abby!
(This is also before the X factor)


1. A new beginning

Lexi pov.

    I put my blonde wig over my brown locks, put in my blue contacts and put on my white cover up to make me look pale.Then I ran to my closet, I picked out a black skirt and put on a white shirt and tucked it in, then got my black flats and put them on my feet.

"Hurry Lex bus is coming soon!" my mom yelled up the stairs



"The bus!" 


"Lex where are your glasses?"

"Oh I forgot thanks mom."

                     On the bus;

"Hurry everybody get there spit balls ready!" said Harry. "attack."

 "Ahh stop!" I screamed    

"Let me think, No!" said Harry as he tripped me.  

I got up and ran to my seat next to my only friend, well Abby's only friend, named Jessica who knows who I actually am.  


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