Poetry Comes To Life

These Are Ideas That Come From Nowhere In To My Head And End Up Here
I Hope You Understand My Thoughts In This Place Of Nothing And Everything


20. Who Would

Who Ever Said

That Was ME

Who Ever Admitted It Was Them

Who Ever Had The Balls To Step Forward And

Claim Their Actions

As Their Own

Why Would You?

To Show You Got The Balls

To Show You Are Not Afraid

To Show You Can Stand On Your Own

Who Wouldnt Come Forward To Say

I Did It

A Idiot

A Asshole

A Person Who Cant Take The Consquenses

A Frady Cat

Who Ever Said

Save Them Not Me?

Who Ever Said

Go Do Something Useful?

Who Ever Said

I Am Sorry?

Who Ever Said

I Love You?

Who Ever Told Them Why?

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