Poetry Comes To Life

These Are Ideas That Come From Nowhere In To My Head And End Up Here
I Hope You Understand My Thoughts In This Place Of Nothing And Everything


25. Stories(Part Two)

She Wached From Her Window

As The Boys Made Offers

To Marry Her

She Hoped Her Love Would Get It

But From The Looks Of

The Offers

The Dispised Boy Was Winning

She Backed Away And

Went To Sleep,

To Tired To Care

He Tried To Win

But The Other Offers Were Far Better


He Finaly Called Out

I Love Her

But The Father Did Not Care And

The Evil One Snikkered

Knowing He Had Won

The Loved Boy Ran Home And Spoke To His Father

Who InTurn When To The Girls Father

They Made THe Arangments

Still The Evil One Seemed To Beet

All Offers

The Girl Saw The Evil One Shake With Her




She Was Going To Live With A Horred Man Who

Had No Care For Her Well Being

So She Made A Chocie

And Did No Know That A Duel Was Set

The Duel Was Faught And Her Love Won,

Getting Her Hand In Marrige



Was All



At Her Own Hand

So The SoulMates

Would Have To Wait

Untill Another Life Time

To Meet Agein

And Finaly Live In Love

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