Poetry Comes To Life

These Are Ideas That Come From Nowhere In To My Head And End Up Here
I Hope You Understand My Thoughts In This Place Of Nothing And Everything


32. No Idea

I have A Silent Muse

No Clue What To Write

No Idea Comes To Mind

Just A Blank Sheet Of Paper

Is Before Me

I Have No Idea

What To Say To You

Perhaps My Muse Refuses To Speak To Me

Maybe He Is Gone

You Say He?

I sigh and say Of Corse A He, I may Be A Girl, But My Muse Is A Man. My Muse Seems Angrey At Me. I Wonder Why?

Perhaps It Is Bceause I have Not Been Giving Him AnyThing

A Muse Helps Us, How Do We Help Them? You Ask Me

I Tell You We Give It Life And Freedom We Give It Hopefulness That It Will Life Forever In Its Writing

I Have No Idea

He Left

He Needed

A Break

I Need To Wright

UGH, I Need Ideas

No Clue

No Idea

No Muse

He Is Silent

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