Poetry Comes To Life

These Are Ideas That Come From Nowhere In To My Head And End Up Here
I Hope You Understand My Thoughts In This Place Of Nothing And Everything


24. Fey

I Look Around

At The Forest

I See A Black Raven

I Pause To Wonder

If It Is Puck?

The Seelie Cort Jester

Out To Cause Truble

During A Rainy Night I Pause To Think

Is The Ice Prince Looking In A Window?

Waching Me?

I Dream About The Pointy Eared


And Cruel

Creatures We Call Many Different Names;

The Good Neighbors


The Fey



Creul Ones

Omong Other Names

We Try Not To Draw Their Attention

We Look Away If We See Them

We Are Told To Never Make A Deal With Them

To Never Look Their Way

We Were Bred Not To See Them

Well, What If We Can?

(my idea came from the Iron Fey Series By Julie Kagawa)

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